Vaporesso FORZ TX80 VW Kit With FORZ Tank 25 - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the FORZ TX80 VW Kit With FORZ Tank 25 from Vaporesso. The FORZ TX80 Kit was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Vaporesso.



Vaporesso need no introduction and here with the Forz TX80 we see them enter the IP67 club but unlike it’s competitors the tank it’s paired with hasn’t been neglected and while it’s impossible to have a IP67 Tank the Forz Tank 25 has a rubber protected casing and comes with a tight fitting drip-tip dust cover! As well as the standard and TPD versions of the kit there is also an RDA kit version which includes the Forz RDA but i won’t be covering that in this review.

The Forz TX80 has the new updated Axon chip, keeping Vaporesso’s new ground breaking “Pulse” and “Smart TC modes” while also introducing the new default F(t) mode. Coming in 5 different colour spine options, let’s give Vaporesso’s most durable mod and tank combo a good look!

In The Box



1 x FORZ TANK 25
1 x GTR 0.15Ω MESH Coil (pre-installed)
1 x GTR 0.4Ω MESH Coil (in box)
1 x Type-C USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Glass Tube
4 x O-ring
1 x Screwdriver
1 x USB Silicone Plug
1 x FORZ Badge


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Forz TX80 Kit came in cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve. I received the Imperial Red version and with all the options the colour refers to the spine as the main rubber chassis on all devices is Black and we have a Gunmetal Zinc Alloy face plate. The options are Brick Black, Gunmetal Grey, Imperial Red, Leather Brown and Steel Blue, the coloured spines are padded leather and we have “FORZ” heavily embossed in a vertical position centrally with a row of stitching either side.

The front has a Zinc Alloy face plate and top a square fire button which looks angled but it’s actually the tapering of the face plate allowing the button to protrude more at the bottom alloying it to be very easy to find when firing. We then have a screen followed by a very nice looking and practical large switch style navigational rocker, finally at the very bottom a dedicated mode/select button.

The main chassis has a durable rubber coating and one thing that surprised me was the device is quite light and also one of the most ergonomic i have used. We also have a Black bracket fixing the leather in place and to one side a silicone plug to keep the Type C USB port watertight!

Moving to the top and we have a circular slightly raised design around the Gold plated, Spring loaded 510 rather than a plate, the design is raised enough to protect the main surface while giving no visible gaping. Finally at the base we have some branding and safety stamps, then the battery plate with fold out central lever. There probably is a clever way that this has been kept IP67 rated while also allowing for venting in the unlikely event the battery goes into thermal runaway but it needs mentioning i can’t detect any membrane sealed venting holes anywhere!


Forz Tank 25 Specs and Features:

Dimension: 58.2 x 27.0mm
Tank Capacity: 4.5ml (2ml TPD Version)
Coils: GTR 0.4Ω MESH Coil (40-60W)/ GTR 0.15Ω MESH Coil (60-80W)
Rugged tank for durable use
New GTR coils brings excellent flavour
Push & Pull coil replacement system
Top refill with large airways for DL vape
Leakproof structure to ensure mess-free vape
High tenacity soft-rubber protective frame
Thread: 510
Colour: Black


Forz Tank 25 Overview

The Forz Tank 25 is 25mm at the base but around it’s main body is much wider due to having a thick rubber outer casing to protect the glass. The tank holds 4.5 and of course 2ml with the TPD version and it comes with a drip tip dust cover which some might find is a great idea and to be honest rather than just throwing it in the garbage this one will get put safe in a draw but i just can’t see myself constantly moving a cover to vape!

It has quite a comfortable drip tip which is an 810 with O-rings although i tried a couple of Goon fitting tips and they actually fitted snuggly so happy days! The top-cap comes off with just a quarter of a turn but not because it’s a bayonet fitting just spaced threading and i really have no confidence in it, it never opened on me but then i didn’t use the device out and about because i just feel it is a candidate to come open in the pocket. Also despite only being quarter of a turn the threading felt scratchy and the threading on the base section is even worse, it fastens up securely just so crunchy!


With the top-cap off we have a flat fill plate with 2 kidney shaped fill ports and when considering the size of the tank they are not the widest and also about 1mm down inside the ports we have a shelf obscuring half of what are quite narrow slots anyway, when you add to that it’s a flat plate so any e-liquid which fails to go through the port is going to go everywhere filling could be a messy affair. I always decant into a bottle which has a thin nozzle so taking my time i had no issue but it’s not the best design!

You receive a tool which helps lift your coil head out of the tank and it also becomes clear why the fill ports are so narrow and that’s because the central top section needs to be quite large as it has grooves which you also use the same tool to fit into to unscrew the fill port section so you can remove the glass. After taking all my photos for the review i eventually managed to remove the glass and thought i would never get it back in place, it’s just too tight and needs to be much easier.


The coil head just gets press fitted into place but doesn’t protrude like most press fitted coils as the air enters straight through the centre from underneath but as already mentioned you get the dual purpose tool which lifts the coil free!

You receive 2 of the new GTR Mesh coil heads, pre-installed is the 0.15ohm rated between 60w and 80w and also included is the 0.4ohm coil head rated between 40w and 60w.

The base section has tri cyclops and the coil heads have identical wide inner bores so even before trying with airflow fully open this will have little in the way of restriction. Finally the 510 positive pin is almost flush so do not use on a hybrid mechanical device!


Forz TX80 Specs and Features:

Dimension: 84.6 x 41.7 x 30.1mm
Output Power: 5-80W
Battery Capacity: 1 x 18650(not included)
Display: 0.69" OLED Screen
Charging Current: DC 5V/2A, Type-C
Intelligent AXON 2.0 chipset for smart operating
Innovative PULSE mode and new F(t) mode
MIL-STD-810G military endeavour tests
IP67 1m waterproof for 30mins
High tenacity soft-rubber protective frame
Thread: 510
Colours: Brick Black, Gunmetal Grey, Imperial Red, Leather Brown, Steel Blue


IP67 Device

The Forz TX80 see’s Vaporesso enter the IP67 Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof club and in some style as this feels as durable as any device i have used while retaining a more aesthetically pleasing look than it’s competitors.

The Forz TX80 IP67 rating means it can withstand water immersion between 15cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. It is also dustproof as classified by the first number of the IP67 rating and shockproof so the device is protected from dust ingress and accidental drops.


Fitting The Battery

The Forz TX80 accommodates a single 18650 which gets fitted via the bottom of the device. We have a removable battery plate with lift up lever like we have seen before on many Aegis devices, Sigelei Evaya and Jackaroo to name a few. Unscrewing the plate and screwing back on does take a bit of time which impatient people might not like but i like this method of fitting a battery as it’s very secure and no risk of damaging your battery wrap, the plate has a thick fitted O-ring to complete the watertight seal. Battery orientation is clearly marked both inside the battery tube and on the underside of the battery plate so a really good job all round!


The Display

We have a real contradiction with the Forz TX80 being such a feature rich innovative device yet has a very basic Old School style display which still appeals to many and i believe this is quite deliberate as it makes the whole device less overwhelming and quite easy to navigate.

The display is bright and sharp and the brightness can be adjusted within the settings. Top left we have the resistance and below the duration of your puff. Central and taking up most of the display we have the wattage, temperature or voltage depending which mode you are in and then top right we have the battery status bar, below the battery status bar bottom right we have the current mode.


Navigating The Forz TX80

The Forz TX80 is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on 3 clicks of the fire button locks and unlocks the navigational rocker and mode button but when locked the device will still fire. Holding down both the mode and fire buttons together brings up an information screen giving serial number and firmware version.

The menu is very old school giving a row of options which when you try to carry on scrolling past the last one displayed if there are any more in that section then the others appear on the screen, the last icon is always exit and also with having a mode button the whole system is easy to navigate even if sounding complicated when i try to explain it.

To enter the menu you can either long press the mode button or click it 3 times and it brings up the following options, F(t) mode, Pulse mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, DIY Mode, System Set and Exit.

Choosing either F(t) mode, Pulse mode, Power Eco or Smart TC takes you to that working screen and i will go through these features later. Choosing DIY Mode brings up the following options Variable wattage, Variable Temperature, Variable Voltage, Bypass, Super Player Mode and Exit.

Variable Voltage and Bypass are all straightforward and Super player mode is a feature that Vaporesso have included for a while now where it allows you to fire down to 0.05ohm and something i really don’t care for. Choosing Variable Wattage gives you the choice of Normal, Soft or Hard pre-heats and Variable Temperature first allows you to choose your wire type and then allows you to alter the TCR, set wattage for temp control and lock resistance.

The Final option in the main menu is System Settings which allows you to adjust brightness, turn smart wattage on or off, flip the screen, turn automatic eco on or off, set device to default and finally bring up the same information screen that can be accessed with the mode and fire button together from the working screen.

The device adjust in 0.5W increments from 5w right up to the full 80W but does switch to 1W increments with the rocker held down, it scrolls at a nice fast speed but doesn’t round robin.


The New Modes

Well apart from the brand new default F(t) mode the others are not actually that new anymore as they first appeared on the Gen which has been out a while but still worth another look. I do find the fact the device by default is in one of the new modes so in this case F(t) mode and the first tier of the menu system is the four new modes and to use standard Wattage, Temperature modes etc are further within the menu system a little strange. I do understand why it’s been done this way as Vaporesso are showing faith in these new features and trying to push them but i still think it should of been done the other way around. The more i use the Axon chip though and use the new modes the less i see this as being any major issue!

F(t) Mode

F(t) Mode is Vaporesso’s new feature and is the default Mode on the Forz TX80. While Pulse gave constant firing while vaping to give more consistent power throughout your vape F(t) mode from what i understand is more of a temperature regulation feature to improve flavour and although it works great with the supplied coils i do wonder if the settings are based on suiting the supplied coil heads. Like with both Pulse Mode and Smart TC when the atomizer is first attached it scans to get the information needed to do it’s magic behind the Scenes!


Pulse Mode

The idea of Pulse Mode is to give you more consistent power so instead of your initial fire which once it hits set wattage can dip in Pulse mode it’s continuously firing every 0.02 seconds up to 500 times in one vape giving consistent power.


Power Eco Mode

When in Power Eco Mode it optimises your settings despite that you are still setting the settings, if you are in other modes it will also ask if you want the device to use Eco Mode when the battery life gets down to 40%.

Why when it sill uses your settings does it become so much more efficient and why not efficient in the first place? I can only go by my experience but i have used this mode on both the Gen and Gen Nano and have noticed little if any improvement in battery life!


Smart TC

When using Smart TC and you first attach your atomizer and it fires the atomizer for a micro second and scans the information. It recognises wire type and ohms extra and automatically gives the best TC settings for that coil. When using Pulse or F(t) modes it also fires and scans the atomiser and if it’s a TC coil asks if you want to use Smart TC, likewise if you have the device in Smart TC mode and the atomizer you attach doesn’t have a TC compatible coil it will jump the device out of Smart TC and into F(t) Mode. I love this mode and although i haven’t used it on the Forz TX80 yet have used it on a number of Vaporesso’s new devices!



Overtime Protection
Overheat Protection
Short Circuit Protection
USB Input Protection
No Load Protection
Overcharging Protection
Resistance Protection



“Groundhog Day” again as i say i don’t recommend charging the battery in the device but if it’s your only option the Forz TX80 has Type-C with a 2A charge rate. On the side of the device we have a rubber plug that gives a good seal and when removing to expose the port it stays attached to the device.

While charging a progress bar is displayed as well as the charge being displayed as a percentage, it also gives the charge time left so really good charging feedback! The device is fully firmware upgradeable and supports pass-through!


My Experience Using The Forz TX80 Kit and Thoughts!

I will start with the Forz Tank 25 as i found it a mixed bag. I really like the idea of the thick rubber casing on a tank included with a IP67 device also giving that protection from drops and not just the device and although the dust cover isn’t my bag, fair enough it’s still a pro to some. I really don’t like the quality of the threading either on the base or even on the top-cap and it’s quarter turn to open and close gives me no confidence especially as it feels quite loose when turning! Filling can’t be done with large nozzles else it will be messy with the narrow ports and flat plate and even with thinner nozzles a bit of care is needed. Also you receive a spare glass but trying to remove the glass is a nightmare and it’s no easier to fit back into place.

After saying that the flavour from both coils is very good with the 0.15 coil head having the edge which is a pity for me personally because it’s above the wattage range i personally vape at. Both coils have an identical wide bore so give absolutely identical draws and with the tri-slots wide open there is next to no restriction but then the airflow can be closed down for the restriction you prefer.

I used the 0.4ohm coil at just 40w with half open airflow which was warm but not over warm and gave a nice saturated flavoursome vape. I also tested for those that like more warmth and not only did it keep up fine at 60w but i even had a few vapes in quick succession at 70w and it was fine but not my bag. The 0.15ohm coil head gave even slightly better flavour and when within it’s rating is a much warmer vape than the 0.4ohm coil head, i settled at 65w because any higher was just too warm for me although again when testing this keeps up even above it’s recommended wattage. Finally Vaporesso are claiming these coil heads are a leakproof structure and although i had no leaking issues still the only barrier between your juice and liquid escaping through the airflow slots is the wicking material so some leaking however minimal is always possible.

Now on to the star of the show and what a star! Apart from a slight concern i can’t see where any venting can occur i just have no negatives to report. I do like the Jackaroo but out of all the IP67 devices available for me aesthetically the Forz TX80 is the pick and the build quality is exceptional!

This is just packed with features and modes yet with the Old School style display, simple menu system and dedicated mode/select button it’s so user friendly. The more i use Vaporesso’s new features the more i like them and the new F(t) mode i am liking a lot.

I don’t really understand how the F(t) mode works apart from it’s to do with regulating the temperature, but it seems to actually be giving not just a really nice vape but also switching between modes the flavour just seems both better and more consistent as if it’s a little like a pre-set Replay mode, i’m just guessing but loving the end result.

The Forz feels great in the hand and i love all the buttons, tanks up to 26mm in diameter will fit without overhang which covers just about anything you would want to put on a 80w device, for me they have just got so much right! As usual i don’t recommend charging in the device but the Forz TX80 has both Type C and a 2A charge rate, it also gives excellent charging feedback while supporting pass-through.



Exceptional build quality
Quite light
5 Colour options
Very ergonomic
Aesthetically pleasing (subjective)
Really like all the buttons
Excellent battery plate with good seal and clearly marked orientation
Type C USB, sealed with rubber plug
2A charge rate
Excellent charging feedback
Old school display and menu system
Feature rich
Settings menu
DIY, Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, TC, Bypass, Super player mode
Pulse mode
Smart TC
Eco Mode
New F(t) mode
Performed excellently
Particularly like new F(t) mode even if i don’t understand what exactly is going on
26mm tanks will fit without overhang
Supports pass-through and is fully firmware upgradeable
Forz Tank 25 - Thick rubber casing
Forz Tank 25 - Drip tip dust cover
Fit your own drip tip
Smooth draw
Plenty of air
Both coil heads gave really good flavour, 0.15ohm slightly better flavour than the 0.4ohm
2 Coil heads, spare O-rings and a spare glass included
Included Tool for removing coil heads and unscrewing fill plate
Had no leaking issues


Can’t see anywhere venting can occur (sure it will be fine but people like piece of mind)
Very scratchy threading on tank
Feel it’s an open in the pocket candidate (probably won’t but it does concern me)
Narrow fill ports and flat plate (filling with larger nozzles could get messy)
Removing or replacing glass should be much easier
For 4.5ml capacity (2ml TPD) due to rubber casing it’s very large

I would once again like to thank Vaporesso for supplying the FORZ TX80 VW Kit With FORZ Tank 25 for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Nice review Tim. I agree with you in all points. With time the crunchy threading will become less gritty but it was annoying at the beginning.


Yeah, although the tank could be improved the Forz TX80 has got to be Vaporesso’s best single battery device, very impressive!


Great review tim , the threads are definitely very poor on the tank and as you say crunchy as anything. Think they missed a trick though should have been a 21700 rather than just 18650. :+1:


Nice review @Timwis :+1: :+1:


Thanks mate, i’m ok with the 18650 making it a smaller device than it looks even in my photos and i’m coming to that opinion based on the assumption this is such a good device both a 21700 and dual battery version will probably follow, certainly hope so!

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Cheers mate, much appreciated!