Vaporesso Armour S Review


Vaporesso could have taken the easy route and focused entirely on their pod systems; I’m very glad they didn’t done that, because there’s a place in the vaping industry for sexy mods like the Armour S (and Max)

Product overview

The Armour S kit is comprised of the Armour S, a single 18650/21700 100w mod and the iTank 2, a 5/8ml stock coil tank.

What do you get?

  • Armour S mod
  • iTank 2 (fitted with 5ml straight glass, tank protector and 0.2ohm GTi coil)
  • 0.4ohm GTi coil
  • 8ml bubble glass
  • 18650 adapter
  • spares

First impressions

  • Mod

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first – for a single 21700 mod, the Armour S is big, almost the size of a dual 18650 mod. If large mods bother you, you won’t want this mod.

What you do get with the size is a wonderfully built and ergonomic mod.

It’s a nice size and weight, the materials all feel good and everything is laid out how comfortably.

The fire button physically locks and unlocks by sliding up and down, the battery door is released using a slightly hidden button on the back of the mod.

One minor issue I have with the mod is that while the wattage is displayed in a nice large font on the screen, everything else is tiny.

Despite looking and feeling very solid, the Armour S has no IP rating, so while it make take some knocks, don’t expect it to deal with water or dust.

I could go on forever about how good this mod feels, it’s that nice.

  • Tank

A tank is a tank is a tank. They all do the same thing.

If I have to find something special about this tank, then the way the top-cap rotates open with a release button is kinda interesting, and the tank protector is nice. However, despite the tank coming with 8ml bubble glass, the protector will only fit the 5ml straight glass. (and vice versa on the Armour Max)

Mod functions

  • Five clicks - power on/off
  • Three clicks – settings menu
  • Up+Down – locks the wattage

From the settings menu you can adjust brightness, change UI color (blue/orange/green), reset puff count, turn smart mode on/off and access the different modes.

The modes available are Eco (which rather confusingly is your standard wattage mode), Pulse mode (as the name implies it pulses the power), F(1) mode (this automatically adjusts voltage) and various TC modes.

I found myself just using Eco (wattage) mode 99% of the time.

How does the tank perform?

  • 0.2ohm coil - this coil performs very well with airflow fully open from 60-65w. The flavor is strong with good vapor production. Overall, this is a very satisfying coil to vape on.
  • 0.4ohmohm - as you’d expect, this performs like a less intense version of the 0.2ohm coil. With airflow fully open, the flavor isn’t so good, but from 50-55w once you start closing it down it’s a nice vape.

The 0.2ohm coil is the pick of the two, which gives you a dilemma; You might find it hard to get a full day’s vaping from a single 21700, but extra performance you get from that coil makes it hard to choose the 0.4ohm.


This is exactly the sort of mod that I like; it looks good, it’s well made and it feels good in your hands.

As for the tank, it’s certainly not a throw away freebie and if stock coil tanks are your thing, you’ll probably appreciate it.


The Vaporesso Armour S Kit was supplied for the purposes of this review by Sourcemore who have given the discount code VASK that will reduce the price to $45.39


A great review: I have been pondering getting the two in the ‘Armour’ series to see if they can match the mighty Gaur.


Nicely done @I_aint_Joe.


Not sure is Sexy is right way to describe it though. It does look rugged though.


You have good taste, my Gaur 21 is probably my favorite dual 21700 mod of all time.


Thank you very much.


You’re right. Maybe handsome would have been a better word from me.


I always keep getting more as they just won’t die: I have drawers of Lost Vape, Smok and other brands which seemed to be insistent on committing suicide.

So these days, I buy Gaurs and mechanicals.


Thanks @I_aint_Joe Well done!

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It’s really great vape had mine a month now … but the only one thing that’s gutting is the paint has come off mine already … I had the green one and it’s silver now … it looks like an old battered vape quite disappointed :frowning:


Welcome to VC, @AlwaysLookUp :wave:
Maybe try getting it replaced under warranty?


You know what I never even thought of that … :joy: thanks I’ll do that tomorrow… cheers