Vaporesso Armour Max Kit Review


After reviewing the Armour S and being generally impressed with it, I jumped at the chance to review its dual 21700 brother the Armour Max.

A lot of things like mod features and tank performance are identical, so there’s going to be a little copy/paste going on…

Product overview

The Armour S kit is comprised of the Armour Max, a dual 18650/21700 220w mod and the iTank 2, an 8/5ml stock coil tank.

What do you get?

  • Armour Max mod
  • iTank 2 (fitted with 8ml bubble glass, tank protector and 0.2ohm GTi coil)
  • 0.4ohm GTi coil
  • 8ml bubble glass
  • 2×18650 adapter
  • spares

I have two minor complaints about what you get (or more importantly what you don’t get) with the Armour Max;

  • The coils that come with the Armour S are well suited to its 100w power output, however as the Armour Max is a dual 21700, 220w mod, it would have made more sense to get the 0.15 and 0.2ohm GTi coils, rather than the 0.2 and 0.4ohm coils.
  • Both the Armour S and Armour Max come with exactly the same tank complete with straight/bubble glass. However, the Armour S only has a tank protector for the straight glass and the Max has a tank protector for the bubble glass. They clearly make protectors for both the straight and bubble glasses, so why not just include both?

First impressions

The Armour S is big , so naturally I was expecting the Armour Max to be huge ; it isn’t. It’s certainly not petite, but despite sharing the chunky and solid characteristics of the Armour S, it’s smaller than other dual 21700 mods that I’m currently using.

Apart from the dimensions, the design is pretty much the same as the Armour S. The fire button still slides up and down to lock the mod (but is larger) and it has the hidden button to open the battery door, it also has the same excellent aesthetics, looks and build quality.

It also has the same screen as Armour S, but in the Max it’s horizontal rather than vertical – it has the same large font for wattage and tiny font for everything else.

One slight disappointment is that the mod tapers off to the sides, meaning that you can only fit a 26mm atomizer without overhang; this is disappointing mainly because it’s an aesthetic choice, not a functional choice, with a slight different design it could have taken 30mm.

Overall, it’s a great mod to hold and look at – every bit as sexy as the Armour S.


The iTank2 is exactly the same apart from having a tank protector for the bubble glass and not the straight glass.

Mod functions

  • Five clicks - power on/off
  • Three clicks – settings menu
  • Up+Down – locks the wattage

From the settings menu you can adjust brightness, change UI color (blue/orange/green), reset puff count, turn smart mode on/off and access the different modes.

The modes available are Eco (which rather confusingly is your standard wattage mode), Pulse mode (as the name implies it pulses the power), F(1) mode (this automatically adjusts voltage) and various TC modes.

How does the tank perform?

  • 0.2ohm coil - this coil performs very well with airflow fully open from 60-65w. The flavor is strong with good vapor production. Overall, this is a very satisfying coil to vape on.
  • 0.4ohmohm - as you’d expect, this performs like a less intense version of the 0.2ohm coil. With airflow fully open, the flavor isn’t so good, but from 50-55w once you start closing it down it’s a nice vape.

Unlike the Armour S, dual 21700 batteries are more than enough to get a day of vaping from the 0.2ohm coil. I imagine it will deal with the 0.15ohm coil just as well.


Just like its single 21700 brother, the Armour Max feels good, looks great and is well made.

If I was choosing between the two, then the Max would be my choice if I was planning on using the supplied iTank 2 or dual coil atomizers, and the S would be my choice if I wanted something a little more portable for single coil atomizers.


The Vaporesso Armour Max Kit was supplied for the purposes of this review by Healthcabin.


Nice looking kit @I_aint_Joe.


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I really like the look of this one. That black reminds me of Batman