Vaping search engine

Hello Vaping Community,

As mentioned on the “newcomers” thread, @Grubby had invited us to post here about a project we’re working on… It’s called VapeView, and it’s a search-engine for locating vaping devices, e-liquid, and pretty much everything else related to vaping:

We welcome your general feedback and/or requests for additional stores you’d like to see listed. We presently index products from over 100 vape-shops (adding 2-3 new ones per week), and include stores from the UK, US, and Canada (more to come, as per demand!).

Some of you may be familiar with some similar tools out there (e.g., Vapecrawler)… Nothing wrong with the competition, but we think we can offer a novel addition by having more stores, fresher product links (less dead links), international coverage, etc.

Look forward to your feedback, and thanks again @Grubby for inviting us to share! :blush:


That would be a refreshing change!

Chris, sounds like something that needs a lot of attention. I know @WickedFog mentioned a large vaper presence on Twitter. Admittedly Twitter is the taint of the internet. Can’t be the butthole, Facebook owns that high honor. But there are people with money on those platforms.

How cool would it be to have some of these vendors link you on their website…click here. If you find a cheaper price we will beat it


Dammit man. Always throwin’ out those what if ideas. That sounds like a wicked one though, unlike that “other thing”. I told you it would never work holding onto it like that.

This sounds like a killer idea, and I will be happy to post up some Twitter links. Follow me @WickedFog.


@WickedFog, looks like we’re following you on Twitter (via @vape_view)… Thanks in advance if you manage push out a tweet. :blush:

@SthrnMixer, yeah that would be awesome if we could get vendors to link over – but I doubt they’d be so kind! Anyway, one strategy we’re looking at is trying to partner with vape reviewers… Then, if their followers click through and make a purchase, we can share commissions (if we get one).

Thanks for the constructive responses!