Vaping hearings In the usa (live)

The juul witch hunt live (also the dude speaking atm is called mr cloud lmao)


From what I could stomach to watch while I skipped around… its just embarrassing. A bunch of uninformed people regurgitating propaganda as fact when concerning the actual effects of nicotine and vaping safety. I am no fan of Juul and would not defend their alleged tactics for marketing to minors, but I also question the claim that they are so dominant in the vape marketplace. Most of it seems to be putting vaping on trial rather than the actual issue of what Juul has or has not done.

To me it just looks like some people with too much time on their hands and jumped on board an issue that is easy to demonize. If nicotine is as bad as they portray it, why are they not pushing for the outlaw of tobacco production period? How many teens die from vaping as compared to alcohol use or abuse? These people could use their time more productively, like helping the homeless get off drugs, or ending the import of illegal drugs which kill a lot of people every single day. At least help rescue stray pets or something… anything would be better than this huge waste of time.


Its all FUBAR, the Gooberments bi-line. Obesity is the new tobacco, followed by the list you just proposed. If these worthless buttfucks wanted to help “the people” they would resign and reduce the financial impact of gooberment on “the people”. Babbling fucking echoaelic morons… They set the bar for incompetence. Worthless would indicate benign. They are far worse than that. They are a high risk cancer, a terminal parasite.


Ah, the poor buggers are just doing their jobs, payed lackeys to keep things as they are.
Why change a profitable situation? There’s a definite correlation between poverty and smoking rates, so it keeps the rats down at the same time, so to speak :woman_shrugging:

I used to get mad about things like this, but it’s pointless. The majority of :sheep: are convinced that we need these dipshits to run things so their asses are firmly in place.