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IMO they understand perfectly well. It’s just impossible to reason with greed :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: The only argument they are susceptible to is :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


Another medically related benefit of vaping vs.smoking as it pertains to the healing of bone,post surgery,such as in spinal fusions,and the medical costs associated with failed fusions. There are many cigarette smoking patients who,even having abstained both before and after surgery, have high levels of Carboxyhemoglobin(Carbon Monoxide) in their blood from the combustion process of smoking. This inhibits the carrying of needed nutrients and oxygen to help grow new bone. My 09’ cervical fusion(2 levels) didn’t fuse and required a device called a bone growth stimulator to get the action started. Jump ahead 10yrs…I’ve been away from cigarettes for 3yrs. and I’ve had a (3 level) Lumbar fusion done(Dec.19’) and Doc says I’m growing new bone like crazy! I’ve vaped nearly right through the whole timeframe @ 1-1.5mg/ml . So, while I agree that’s a low dose of nicotine, the fact remains that my pre surgical(Dr.demanded) blood test,which showed my level of Carboxyhemoglobin to be that of a non smoker,at 2% proved to me that he wasn’t looking for nicotine which would have required a Cotinine test.I ‘took one’ for science because I don’t trust the bastards in the media nor many of them in the scientific field. My gamble has proven worthwhile to me,to help refute the lies and bullshit about vaping. Sorry if this is inappropriate material. I felt that my experience’s were worth sharing! Perhaps there’s someone out there putting off a needed surgery because they don’t feel that they can put the cigarettes down.

Ref: Some of the materials I read before surgery:Is it the Nicotine? Hsu Researching Bone Healing in Smokers - News Center.
Vaping Potentially Useful for Surgery Patients - Vapor Puffs


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Kids, especially teens and adolescents, are constantly craving approval from their peers. And one of the fastest routes to that is to be “cool.” James Dean was cool. Vape tricks are cool. Get it?

I just actually looked up vape tricks on YT just for this response. Actually I’m a bit surprised Uwell has their name on it. Greed. Companies straying from the concept of a safer alternative to smoking and moving to such superfluous fluff strikes me as a gain market share at any cost approach. Sorry, don’t mean to derail, but I couldn’t let the Uwell video slide without throwing that out there.