Vaping Community Donations - Now Patreon

Hey all!!

Just a quick update regarding something we talked about on Saturdays VC YouTube show.
As most of you were already aware, the regular donations that a lot of you generously gave last year was stopped due to the whole Paypal debacle, So apart from a few manual payments that were very gratefully received, the pot went dry a couple of months ago, so the forum and Calc has been paid for by the three of us ever since. (6)

Donations keep the lights on essentially, running these things is not cheap, If it was, anyone would do it, which is why we were incredibly grateful to all who donated, especially those that set up regular donations, no matter how big or small they were, every little bit helped us continue to develop and grow, and knowing that we had enough money coming in every month to cover the bills was a huge weight off our shoulders, especially these days.


With everything still remaining the same as far as Paypal goes, we have decided to turn to Patreon to try and support the Forum and Calc, We’re still trying to come up with ideas on what to offer the different tiers in terms of bonuses & access etc… and we are open to suggestions as to what kind of things you would like in return for your generous donations, but for now, I’m just going to link you up in the hope that we can get the ball rolling for now, Just hit this link and it will take you straight to our Patreon Page :point_down:

Like I said, please feel free to offer suggestions on how we can reward people, or even if that’s necessary? :man_shrugging: …we’re new to all this so, we’d appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance peeps

Lottsa Love and inappropriate cuddles

The VC Admin Team


I might have other ideas but to begin

Maybe rewards if needed for certain tiers could be shortfills ?

Or what about like a help develop my mix type thing not sure if that would work.

VC Battery wraps ?

Top tier could be a mod custom etched by a certain someone :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:


Nice ideas man, but unfortunately a bit elaborate I fear, things like actual items are expensive to post out as well as to make, smae with shortfils, we’d have to actually buy them first, which would kind of defeat the purpose of trying to raise money for the forum, as the items would cost more than the donations.
Rewards for different tiers etc usually come in the form of Patreon access only areas etc, access to certain recipes that kind of thing…we’ll think of something :wink:


Yeah I get the cost thing, sorry I wasn’t very clear there lol.
I mean like people actually have to buy stuff but like only if they are patreons, like limited edition kinda things as an insensitive?
It’s ok just chucking ideas around :+1:t2::upside_down_face:


Top tier gets to pick an upgrade to the calculator side, approved by you 3, with recognition at the top of the :man_shrugging:


Middle tier get’s the option to enter a lottery, to sit in on a live show.


Hmmmm, so the idea is to have tiers that exclude people who can’t afford to support you at higher levels? To me, that would make things seem somewhat elitist. My current situation financially would keep me as a “free” member, so would that mean I get the lesser “free” experience on the forum whilst, no doubt, watching you guys talk about the wonderful things happening for the elite members?

I do like Brian’s (@whthek) ideas though. Not exclusion based but adding a incentive to be seen or promoted… makes more sense to me and could benefit those who can afford the upper levels of support.

Just my 2 cents, about all I can afford at the moment anyways… :thinking:


well absolutely, the last thing we would want is for people to feel left out of things purely because they have less money to give, that would suck and goes against pretty much everything I believe in.
The PM’s I received about this from current members all said he same thing, they don’t want anything in return other than the Forum and calculator to stay alive, which is testament to kind of people we have here, I think your point is a valid one, but then again, there could be people who would benefit from more and exclusive exposure, yet still can’t afford to donate anything, through no fault of their own…

In a perfect world, everyone would be on the same level and have access to exactly the same amount of benefits the forum and calc has to offer, and people who can afford to donate and are willing to do so, will just do it for the love of the forum, unfortunately the world is rarely perfect lol.

The goal here is to keep the lights on and for everyone to be happy, so all ideas will be discussed by us and then passed on to you guys, so thanks all for giving your time up to think about it, we really appreciate it :sunglasses: :heart: :ok_hand: :+1: :+1:


I personally don’t think there needs to be any benefit from donating it’s all about keeping it going, the forum and calc are awesome having a few beers on a Saturday night and getting insights into the vaping community and generally taking the piss out of cheesecake bases is plenty enough for me



Yeahcheersthanksalot Scott :man_facepalming:


What base?




I’ve thought about this Pugs, and honestly couldn’t come up with anything. As others have probably said, rewarding those that can afford to donate may be unfair to those that cannot (although I think there are probably some that can even if a little, but don’t)
Now on to my question, I see there are different tiers for donators:

Is there any difference in levels of membership?
Do you get a little star next to your recipes for being a VIP or something :man_shrugging:


Those labels are standard to Patreon I think, Grubby set it up but I don’t think he named them, so…at the moment no there isn’t any difference.

I have noticed that on other forums they tend to use ‘donator’ badges, or VIP badges, or ‘Gold donator’ badges etc etc…but here’s the thing, those of us that have been around long enough will remember with a certain distain what badges did to ELR, basically…anything you use to make you appear different from anyone else with regards to how they are valued by the forum, just pisses people off, sure…it’s nice to have something that makes you feel like you are valued, but…you’re all valued by us, and a community (to me anyway) is everyone on the same level, which is already as high as it can be (except us obviously…we’re quite clearly Gods here :man_shrugging:)


Great answer :ok_hand: and I’m confident I can say for everyone, WE appreciate it very much, and Certainly appreciate what you all do!


What so I’m not getting a big shiny medal for going to aaaalll that trouble of downloading Patreon and pressing several buttons :angry::cry::frowning:

:joy::joy::joy: nah just messing
I think it’s worth a donation for the calculator/ recipe list / flavour stash abilities alone. And this lovely forum is the icing in the vape

Hmmm reminds me of a film of a book about a farm with animals can’t remember the name of it though :thinking:


I could knock up a batch of keyrings just postage may complicate it