Vaping coils ideas

Hey all.

First time posting/new member. I am looking for some advice. I’ve been vaping for many year. Both MTL kits and DTL kits (not quite sure if they’re the correct abbreviations lol)

I recent bought a Aspire Zelos 3 kit. As loving the Elfbar eliquid Cotton Candy Ice……but the coils are lasting me 24hrs if I’m lucky, which is working out super expensive! I prefer to vape at around 10watts but trying to keep it at 7.5watts (which is definitely not as good) but I’m still going through coils like crazy. I have the 1.8 coils as that was suggested for MTL vaping. Can anyone suggest a better alternative coil or what I can do to make the coils last longer please?

Many thanks


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Your best bet would be to purchase a rebuildable atomiser. That way, for pennies on the pound you can make your own coil or change your wick as often as you need. i don’t have one but the Bishop is highly rated.


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Cotton Candy Ice is the most likely culprit as it is probably Ethyl Maltol and a load of Sweetener (Sucralose) both of which will kill your coils very quickly.

Generally speaking the sweeter the juice the less time you will get out of your coils.

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Welcome to VC, @Vaper.2018 I concur with @woftam , as far as the liquid you’re using. Do you have another tank that you’ve used the CCI with, that give’s you better coil life? You may have to juggle tanks on your new mod, for that particular flavor. Or, having already found the perfect place(right here!) :slightly_smiling_face: for everything to do with mixing your own eliquid, maybe it’s time to pick up a few flavor’s, and some equipment, and start making your own.


Thank you all so much for the tips. I do have plain v-juice to make my own. Just wish I could mimic the flavour of cotton candy ice lol :joy:

Thank you again for taking the time to answer my question and give advice :+1:t2:


It shouldn’t be too hard

Have a look at the recipe side and see what is around look for the calculator button in the top right corner



you would need to test it out but personally, I would use it around the .70% mark (you will probably have to up it some for use in a lower-powered device)

  • Add to that a fruit flavour of your choice (depending if you want a fruit flavour).
  • Add to that some ws-23 (you can look that up on the recipe side as well).

You may or may not want to add extra sweetener (not all are created equal there are some that are easier on coils than others) flv sweetness is a lot easier on coils than super sweet or other sucralose-derived flavours.

It will likely take you a little while to sort it out but you will eventually hit a much more coil friendly combo than you are currently using.


Welcome to the V.C forum @Vaper.2018. I personally think that any e liquid that is cotton candy/ Ethyl Maltol heavy would be better off vaped in a rebuildable atomiser due to its coil gunking capabilities otherwise it’s going to get very expensive having to constantly replace manufactured coils like yours. I have found that the smaller MTL coils gunk up faster and burn more easily than the larger sub ohm coils but even they succumb to it soon enough when using cotton candy recipes.


Welcome to the VC @Vaper.2018, and as mentioned, EM, and/or Sweetener in general are coil clogging gunkers.


@Vaper.2018 if by chance, you start to DIY and see if you can make a comparable juice without the gunking sweeteners, I tested some of Rick’s Sugar Daddy Sweeteners, and they worked great with very LITTLE gunking …


Well, just know, that if you’d like to try mixing a suitable replacement, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We’re a pretty friendly lot, here! :wink: