Vaping and sinusitis

Hi all…im experiencing sinusitis while vaping. Runny nose and flu like symptoms. Anybody else have similar experience and any hack to avoid…?


@Sandeep, are you new to vaping ? What PG/VG ratio are you vaping, and could you be PG sensitive ?


Hi @Sandeep - It’s worth mentioning that some folks seem to have a reaction to nickel in coils. If you’ve been using coils that contain nickel (Ni80, Ni90, pure nickel, etc…) for a while, and just recently developed symptoms, it’s seems likely it’s not the coils, but if you are using rebuildables, you can always try stainless steel as an alternative.

On the other hand, sinus infections happen all the time, and I’ve had them frequently from vaping “other substances” before I quit. If you’re a user of “other substances” you can lay low for a while, and I’ve had tremendous relief from over-the-counter Saline Nasal Spray. Good luck man.


I am not going to try and look clever as I only was giving this information a couple of days ago by @wayneo and it came as a surprise to me. If it is Nickel the course then SS316L coils are not a good idea as SS316L can contain up to 15% nickel.

As @SessionDrummer alluded to, more information about what you are using would be helpful.

I would say the more likely cause is PG intolerance but certainly if that is ruled out coils is something that can be looked at along with other stuff like a particular ingredient in a particular e-liquid!


@Sandeep I agree with what has already been said but I have also thought of something else that may be causing it. I sometimes get a runny nose from vaping but I found out that it is from exhaling the vapour down my nose (almost like a condensation) but I don’t have any flu or cold like symptoms unlike you, unless vaping is helping to unblock your sinuses which could make it seem like you have a cold.