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Geekvape Sonder Q Kit, a sleek pod in a timeless stripe design, is geared for daily relaxation. It is the lightest one in all Q Pod Series with a comfortable hand feel. It weighs so light that you can carry it for every occasion.

The Q Kit caters to 2ml of freebase and nic salt e-liquid, compatible with Geekvape Q Pod with 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, or 1.2ohm coil resistance. The internal 1000mAh battery enables it to fire up to 20W output. Compatible with Geekvape Q Cartridge, do enjoy MTL and restricted DTL with either Nic-salts or Freebase at your will!

Thanks for the 3-level breathing light, the vape kit also has smart wattage for the most suitable vaping for enjoyment. In addition, no button is needed to start a mellow flavor journey, and it’s effortless to refill from the top. Have fun customizing different hits through the airflow switch, and chill as the “SONDER” light shines bright for you.

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So Soul SLIMZ BC5000 Pro is the world’s thinnest 5000 puff pod with 5%(50mg) nicotine strength. The elf bar edition gives a flat silk shape, and the two-layer design offers a crystal appeal.

The disposable vape has a a sturdy and powerful 550 mAh rechargeable battery, so when it runs out of power you can continue to use it by recharging it again. Holding 11ml E-liquid, you can enjoy rich flavor, smooth throat hits, and long-lasting nicotine satisfaction.

This new product has fantastic flavor and vapor production. It has a draw-activated firing mechanism, due to its all-in-one design, there has no leaking or burning. You could go to best online vape shop to make an order.

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Uwell Caliburn Ironfist L Pod Kit applies modified compact side-by-side design, consists of premium quality and futuristic look. It comes with 690mAh battery capacity, 2.5ml pod capacity, and has a maximum output power of 16W.

You can enjoy different vaping experience with the powerful function of adjustable power and airflow. There is a decorative light on the side of the pod kit and beside the pod, it will illuminate whole pod when vaping, and you can long press the power adjustment button to turn on/off the light.

Besides, three indicator LED lights will indicate different output power and battery levels. A UN2 Meshed-H 0.8ohm Caliburn G Coil and a UN2 Meshed-H 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coil are included. It is also compatible with FeCrAI 1.0ohm Caliburn G Coil and Caliburn Ironfist L Empty Pod Cartridge. It’s a great choice for new and experienced vapers alike.

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OXVA Xlim Pro Pod Kit is the pro edition of Xlim. It comes with bigger battery capacity of 1000mAh, stronger power of 30W, and a glittering RGB light for the fun of vaping.

The Xlim Pro Pod has an integrated coil, including 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, or 1.2ohm, which is available for both freebase and nic salt. It is also compatible with OXVA Xlim V2 Cartridge. A lanyard is included in the package.

Constructed from zinc alloy, the pod vape kit utilizes both auto-draw and button activation, and the side of AFC settles for your airflow customization. Designed for pocketability, it is cute but versatile.

Please go to online vape shop to make an order.

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HQD Cuvie Mars Disposable Vape is HQD biggest device yet,featuring an impressive 18mL pre-filled e-liquid capacity and an integrated 650mAh battery that can provide approximately 8000 puffs.

The device utilizes a 1.2ohm mesh coil for a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. This rechargeable vape kit can be charged with a Type-C USB port, making it easy to charge on the go.

The disposable vape is pocket friendly, easy to carry, easy to use and produces great vapor production! The sleek and compact design allows for convenient and discreet vaping, perfect for travel.

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R and M Rasta Disposable Vape features an ELF edition with a fantastic pattern on the front. Rasta caters to 13ml pre-filled e-juice with 5%(50mg) nicotine strength, the rechargeable 650mAh battery ensures you up to 5500 puffs per bar.

It looks and feels absolutely stunning for a disposable vape, the curve edge and box shape help a comfortable grip. Working well with its integrated mesh coil, it is premium for a good throat hit.

The device with Noble Rastafari culture elements, featuring reliable vape and comfortable texture. With a Type-c port, it could be vaped lasting no end. It can be found at any vape store near you.

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Blitz BOT-IT 10000 Disposable Vape features prefilled e-liquid, rechargeable 600mAh internal battery, 5%(50mg) nicotine strength, and mesh coil for a satisfying vaping experience without hassle or mess.

This device has a mini Coke bottle design and has a lid to seal, which is utilized to ensure the airtightness and pure taste of disposable vape. It ensures a flavorful vapor with its nic salt and integrated mesh coil for up to 10000 puffs.

With its easy-to-use design, you simply remove the device from its packaging and enjoy a smooth and flavorful draw. It is also available in various delicious flavors, please go to vapor sales online to make an order.

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R and M Magic Disposable Vape features a powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery and a 16ml pre-filled vape juice with 5%(50mg) nicotine. You can experience the ultimate 8000 puffs for extended use.

With its advanced mesh coil and draw-activated mechanism, this vape kit delivers smooth and consistent hits, all without the need for any buttons or complicated settings.

Its sleek design includes a Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner and a matching lanyard, making it a stylish accessory to take on the go. You could go to vape online to make an order.

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Limitless Cyber Flask Disposable Vape comes with a 10ml prefilled e-liquid, a rechargeable 550mAh battery, 5%(50mg) nicotine strength, and a mesh coil for smooth hit.

It’s made of plastic and adorned with argyle patterns that shine especially brightly in the sun while maintaining a good grip. Adopting a flat mouthpiece, it is absolutely leakproof. What is more, it fulfills a smooth vaping with 5%(50mg) nicotine for approximately 6000 puffs.

Overall, the Limitless Cyber Flask Disposable Vape is a fantastic option for those looking to buy vapes online. It will give you a pleasant vaping experience.

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Fire Mega Nicotine Free 5000 Disposable Vape features a 12ml prefilled e-liquid, internal 1200mAh battery, mesh coil, and nicotine-free design for approximately 5000 puffs.

The nicotine free vape has a gradient shell, a flat mouthpiece, and no nicotine content. The draw-activated mechanism makes it convenient to use. The mesh coil helps produce smooth hit and gives you splendid vaping experience.

In a word, Fire Mega Nicotine Free Vape Disposable is a great device, providing a way for those who pursue zero nicotine but want to enjoy the pleasure of vaping. You could go to vape store to make an order.

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The SMOK Nord C Kit is a brand-new vape device with a 1800mAh internal battery, a 5-50W output range,bringing you strong power to your satisfaction.It is connected with a 4.5ml Nord C pod, and is compatible with RPM 2 coil platform. Constructed from zinc alloy, it gives a premium feel.

Inspired by a classic Nord appeal, the vape kit is equipped with a versatile 0.69-inch OLED screen at the side, it utilizes a button-activated firing mechanism for wattage adjustment. Coupled with its airflow switch and RPM 2 coil series, it serves both MTL and RDL vaping experience.

Thanks to continuous optimization and stable iterations, the device has superior performance . What is more, the pod kit features a variety of colors and premium textures to match your mood of the day. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience! You could go to vape online store to have a try.

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Newly Launched: BP MODS Tomahawk SBS Squonker Mod

Are you looking for a high-performance, compact and multi-functional electronic cigarette device? Designed for users who are looking for a reliable, efficient vape, the bp mods tomahawk sbs squonker mod is capable of creating rich clouds and superior flavours thanks to its 60W maximum power output.

This squonk mod has a sleek and ergonomic design that is very comfortable to hold and use. The equipment is made of high-quality materials and is durable to ensure durability and longevity. The Tomahawk SBS Squonker Mod housing features an intuitive LED screen that displays all important information including battery life, wattage and voltage for easy viewing and control.

A single 18650 battery provides plenty of power for your device, and the battery can be easily removed and replaced. This lets you have a spare battery on hand, ensuring you never run out of power. The device is also equipped with a USB port for easy charging, handy for those who are always on the go. The Tomahawk SBS Squonker Mod comes with a bottom-feed refill bottle that can hold up to 7ml of e-liquid. This makes it ideal for those looking for a high-capacity device that can last a full day without frequent refills. The squonk bottle is easy to refill, just remove the bottom cap and fill it with your desired e-liquid.

In order to make it more convenient for you to use, the compatibility of this mod is very strong. This makes it ideal for those looking for a versatile device that works with their favourite vaping setup. The device is also equipped with a host of safety features, including short-circuit protection, over-heat protection, and over-discharge protection, ensuring you can use it with peace of mind.

The BP Mods Tomahawk SBS Squonker Mod is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, efficient bottom injector mod that offers a great balance of power and versatility. With its sleek design, intuitive LED screen and range of safety features, the device is perfect for vapers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Tomahawk SBS Squonker Mod is sure to meet all your vaping needs.

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