Vapers Tek Closing

Wasn’t sure where to post this so please move if it is in the wrong place. I hope this isn’t the sign of the times, Vapers Tek has always supplied quality nic, using a year old bottle right now and just as fresh as new. Here is the text from the email I just received.

Today is a sorrowful day for me and the employees because it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Vapers Tek will no longer be in business after September 5, 2020.

We have tried to work around the PMTA and the regulations that are crushing the vape industry but after speaking with a few lawyers and the FDA, that is impossible. So, we will be closing the shop in Grove on 9/5/2020; Miami, Oklahoma, 8/15/2020, and our online presence on 8/31/2020.

I appreciate the faith that my family and the employees have put into me to do this job since my brother, Kevin, died in 2018. Thank you to my right-hands, Justin, Charmoin, Shelby, and Jordan for allowing me to lead you and becoming a tight knit, hard-working, well-oiled machine of a family!!

However, it is time for all of us here to move on and up. I treasure our customers and the interactions that I was a part of and enjoyed bringing in new and varied products for my customers to use. I am also enormously proud of the continuing quality of nicotine and flavors that we have been able to bring to our customers.

Thank you each one for being a part of this mad-scientist experiment with us. We will miss so much about this industry and the people, but we are all better for being a part.


The End. The most bittersweet thing of a good story is the ending. After years of love, death, sweat, and tears the final chapters have been printed. Despite all the grand battles, perseverance of trialing times and friendships made along the way it’s sad to see a story where the villain wins. Everyone at Vapers Tek fought valiantly through the years and I couldn’t have asked for better companions to spend them with. The story may be sad and over, but the grand adventures will remain with me forever and I thank all who played a part in our epic tale.


“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”

Haldir – The Fellowship of the Ring

Hello my peeps!

I just want to say it has been an honor to be a part of Vapers Tek for almost 7 years to help you all to quit smoking. I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to each one of you in the stores and around the world. It has been great getting to know a little bit about all of you. There are some of you that I would call a close friend. Some vapors have moved on or gone on to quitting vaping, which is great, that was the goal. I am glad that I was a part in helping some of you! I have enjoyed being able to help in your choices for a safer alternative to smoking, to answer the questions and to help everyone through the process. I just want to give a great big shout out to all our AWESOME customers and say, “Thank you” for letting our team at Vapers Tek help you with all of your needs. Take care and God bless.


A year and a half ago I started at Vapers Tek completely new to the world of vaping. After 17 years of being addicted to cigarettes, I have now gone a full year without having even the urge to pick one up. In that time, I’ve talked to hundreds of our customers, and all of them have said the same thing I now personally know to be true: Thanks to vaping I’m now healthier and in better shape than I’ve been since college. My lungs and body feel amazing and nothing in those nearly two decades under big tobacco’s thumb worked at helping to break the habit until I got introduced to vaping. I wish I could be excited and proud of this accomplishment, but at precipice of watching the entire industry collapse under the draconian legislation the FDA has chosen to utilize to destroy small businesses like ours across the country- I feel nothing but sorrow for the millions of Americans who are having their lives dictated by the greed of those who refuse to listen to the overwhelming scientific data, and who spit in the face of advocates for harm reduction.


Dear Customers and Co-workers,

Due to the harsh federal regulations, I have to say goodbye to what feels less like a job and more like home. Over the past 5 years the customers have been amazing, and I have made many friends with people that I never knew was possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that made it possible for Vapers Tek to survive this long in business.

To my online customers, I want to say thank you for making us your #1 DIY spot. It has been an honor to serve you and help grow your individual businesses.

To my co-workers, you have each become like family to me. It has been an incredible experience and I don’t know if I could have made it long without you by my side. We have stayed together through all the ups and downs and we made this work. I am going to deeply miss every single person.

I say, “thank you” again to everyone for this truly, amazing ride.



Oh gosh @Mjag… I am so super sad.
Like you, I hope it isn’t but with the nic tax, the pmtas, the USA is not looking vaper friendly at all.
Speechless. :cry:


Yeah, this is not good news, I shudder to think of the news coming if things don’t turn around.

I did just get in 3 liters of nic from LNW yesterday, if not I would probably order some nic from Vapers Tek. Need to see if I can stash a little more nic or ask friends if they can store some safely. As of now I should have enough nic for about 5 years, would have been double that but my friends have been asking for more juice than normal during covid times.

I know of at least 3 friends who will go back to smoking if they can’t get juice anymore, they told me so. I suspect the others would as well, one friend even tried Chantix and it did nothing for him, vaping is the only thing that keeps him off the cigs.


About the only thing to do is stock up.
Maybe it won’t pass, but if it does, supplies will be limited, at best for us all. :’(

I have gotten a bunch of mail from those overseas asking what to do to help…
best advise is to think modular vape systems.

About the nic tho, not much anyone can do.


He is lucky it did not give him nightmares and homicidal thoughts.


That’s just a hard thing to read, but everyone SHOULD read it.


@mjag, @SmokyBlue I stopped fucking around late last year, and went LOW TEMP (dedicated), and broken gallons up into 500ml amber bottles, all topped with Argon, and taped.


I have a liter now, and will be popping for more with my last paycheck…
Not sure how much I can grab, but it will be my last nic purchase.
I want to store for those in times needed… as I am working my way back to zero and I hope to stay there this time. Time will tell. I should not have dipped into my nic stash, but I did.


No she switched back to NIC a bit ago. I don’t blame her, with 2020 being what it is.


You’ve forgotten the suicidal part girl.
Mind you, that is a pretty effective way to quit smoking :innocent:

It’s a sad thing @Mjag, it’s been looming over the industry for quite a while.
Everybody being distracted with Covid-19, it will not get very much attention outside the community.


It’s all good @SmokyBlue, never a bad time to do a little quality control check on the long term storage !!!


Ooohhhhh, that’s gonna be my excuse for many things now lol


I want to say that is the plan.
The tp shortage, coin shortage, and now nic tax and the pmta… I dont think this year could top anything else. :frowning: Nic shortage will not be pretty… too many will become duals or just go back to smoking or dipping. Caught one of my buddies dipping yesterday :cry:


So sad indeed!


OMG, I just saw this. My last nic purchase was from them. I’m just…I don’t have words. This just sucks. They were so nice and helpful. The real deal. Thank you for letting us know, Mjag. Idk if I want to open that bottle now because when it’s empty it will be like a funeral.


Yeah, it is sad indeed. I can say I have never had a bad bottle of nic from them. I think they ran into trouble being price competitive, I am guilty of always looking for the best deal if quality is the same of course.

Still is not a good feeling but reading that story tells me it was hard times for them for awhile. I wish them all the best of luck on the future :pray:


They have CHEMNOVATIC nicotine tho…, pretty good price


Really bothered me when I got their email…they were one of my favorite vendors…good people. I made a farewell order a couple weeks back. Muth is right, a little sad every time I will crack open a bottle of their nic. I’m saving the last empty blue bottle from them as a keepsake.