Vapers helping vapers in need

In case you guys haven’t heard, California has been experiencing some catastrophic wild fires and entire communities, lives, and homes have been lost. @paingawd was one of those who luckily was able to get his family out, but their home was completely destroyed. We have setup a GoFundMe page to try and help him and his family out:

We also have a running thread to stay up to date. Coming soon, @fidalgo_vapes and myself will be running some giveaway raffles for which all the proceeds will go directly to @paingawd and his family. Stay tuned…

So far, @nicotine_river and @ecigexpress have both joined the party with donations as well. Hope to see some of you at the party as well. Thank you.


Thanks, I saw and read up on it all on ELR.
Thankfully he and his family are safe.


Still waiting for a Paypal option since I don’t have a credit card to donate at GFM


Ya we dont have his pp as yet - but there will be a few raffles coming up soon that will be pp


Great, thanks :+1:


Talked to Greg ‘paingawd’ about paypal and he said he would try to get one started when he can. In the meantime, I have been accepting paypal payments to my own business acct and then forwarding to GoFundMe. If any of you would like to do that…

  1. Send $ to paypal acct.
  2. Make sure you designate it for ‘friends and family’
  3. Leave a note that I can put with it on GoFundMe, along with the name you want made public.