Vaper Expo UK 2024 Exhibitor list - by COOLPLAYUK

In 10 - 12th May 2024. The vaper expo uk 2023 spring vape exhibition will be hold on time. This is biggest vape expo in UK.

In the early years , many vape brand , vape factory , vape manufacturer from all over the world are enter sponsor. This is very hot expo.

But recently 2 years, we can feel that this not so hot any more. Visitors are just going to there for get samples for free. :18::18::18:How do you think ?

The following are exhibitor this time. Listed by coolplay UK .


I think the decline in visitors to these EXPO functions has a lot to do with most of the stalls being flooded with pod systems, disposable vapes and e liquids and not much else and many people are just bored with it. There is very little for vapers that use rebuildable atomisers or regular box mods and kits including mechanical mods. Many of the stalls are so alike all selling the same sort of thing which isn’t what everyone wants to see.