Vapefly Kriemhild 80W Kit - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review I take a look at the Kriemhild 80W Kit from Vapefly. The Kriemhild 80W Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jade from Vapefly!

Kriemhild 80W Kit


Vapefly have become one of the most respected vape manufacturers and in my opinion deservedly so. In this review I take a look at their latest Mod & subohm Tank Kit. The Kriemhild 80W Kit comprises of the slick looking Kriemhild mod paired with the new Gunther Subohm Tank!

The Kriemhild 80W Mod although it might not show in the reasonable price tag boasts high-end build quality and just oozes class! It’s a very simple device with it’s screen positioned up top and just wattage and Bypass modes to choose from but for many that’s all they require! The Kriemhild also introduces a Security alarm system and can accommodate either a 21700, 20700 or 18650.

The Gunther boasts either a 3.5ml or 5ml capacity (with pre-installed bubble glass) and has a top to bottom leakproof airflow design! It accommodates the same K-series coils as the Kriemhild II and is also compatible with the cost saving RMC rebuildable coil kits! That’s enough waffle let’s crack on and take a closer look at this Gem of a kit!!!

In The Box


1* Kriemhild 80W Box Mod
1* Gunther Sub Ohm Tank
1* 0.2ohm Duplex™ Mesh Coil
1* 0.3ohm Mesh Coil
1* 510 Adapter
1* Straight Glass Tube 3.5ml
1* Type-C Cable
1* Battery Adapter
1* Accessories Bag
2* User Manual
1* Warranty Card

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Kriemhild Kit came in cardboard box packaging with outer sleeve which has a line drawing of the kit on the front and Features etc on the reverse. I received The Black version which comes with matching Black Gunther Sub-ohm Tank the options are, Silver, Gunmetal, Black or Black & Gold!

This mod just looks fantastic and the build quality is the best I have come across, although I must admit I don’t own mods that cost £500 plus I do have a good few £200 to £300 priced devices and none of them beats this for build quality! The top display helps with the slick design and we have an inner Silver chassis with outer Black metal casing which sweeps around the spine and both sides. This outer casing has an exquisite brushed finish and both sides an elongated Silver plaque with etched fancy font and Celtic knots!

The face like the spine is curved and the protruding buttons also curve to the contour of the device! Up top we have a vertically positioned rectangular fire button with horizontal grooves this is followed by a small round hole which leads to the speaker behind! Towards the bottom we have the square navigational buttons lined up vertically with upwards chevron grooves on the up button and downwards chevron grooves on the down button, these are followed by the type C USB port!

Moving to the base we have etched safety marks and a solid battery plate with fold out lever, moving to the top of the device we have the sealed display towards the front and to the rear a Stainless Steel 510 plate, the 510 is Gold plated and spring loaded!

I don’t know what metal materials are used in it’s construction or whether the chassis and outer casing are the same material but this is so solid feeling which will lead to a con for some which is for a single battery device this is very heavy. When shaking we get no button rattle whatsoever but when tapping the buttons with a finger they then do give a rattle but a very petty thing which won’t bother many!

Although heavy with it’s very curved spine and large protruding fire button towards the top of the curved face this is very ergonomic and a pleasure to use!

Gunther Sub-Ohm Tank Specs:

Size: 25.2*54.5mm
Capacity: 3.5ml/5ml (with bubble glass)
Drip Tip: 810 (510 adapter included)
Coil: FreeCore Duplex Mesh Coil 0.2ohm, FreeCore Mesh Coil 0.3ohm, Kriemhild II RMC
Filling Type: Top filling system
Top U-shaped airflow, leak-proof
Thread: 510
Colours: Silver, Gunmetal, Black, Black & Gold

The Gunther Overview

The Gunther reminds me very much of the Kriemhild II Subohm Tank but with a top to bottom airflow design added. Up top we have an 810 drip tip with the option of fitting the included 510 adaptor, the top-cap has a bayonet fitting which once removed reveals the fill plate with self sealing membrane and a silicone seal to the underside section of the top-cap for a really good seal.


The base section unscrews counter clockwise revealing the Gunther accommodates the same K-series plug and play coil heads that fit the Kriemhild II. The chimney which extends from the chamber screws to the bottom of the fill plate and also extends at it’s base to create a shelf for the glass to sit on. To remove the glass just unscrew the chamber/chimney section from the fill plate which also reveals the glass gets sealed both top and bottom with O-rings, before reassembling if you wish you have the option of fitting the included 3.5ml straight glass, the 5ml bubble glass is pre-installed!


The Airflow

On the top section of the tank which includes the fill plate we have the dual airflow slots, the AFC has split airflow to add smoothness in the way of both being split lengthwise and having two narrow slots top and bottom rather than one large slot giving four small slots in total either side!

The chamber is doubled walled on opposite sides to allow the air once entering the slots to travel down to the base of the tank, it then enters the centre of the coil head from the base like any bottom airflow design!

The Coils and Fitting!

As mentioned the Gunther accommodates the same K-series FreeCore mesh coil heads which fitted the Kriemhild II which just get press fitted into place then secured by fastening the base section into place.

Maybe to be harsh a con is the two provided coil heads are the only two available and I would much prefer more options, We do now have RMC rebuildable coils available though but they come in the same 0.3ohm and Duplex 0.2ohm options!

Part of the marketing for the Gunther as well as the leakproof top to bottom airflow design revolves around the patented Duplex 0.20hm mesh coil head which is pre-installed. Rather than having a mesh strip with a negative one end and positive the other it has two strips of mesh each half the length which share a central positive pin with each having an independent negative, essentially this means the mesh heats up twice as quickly and much more evenly improving vape quality and the improved ramp up is very noticeable!

Money Saving Kriemhild II RMC coil accessories Kits compatible with the Gunther!


The Gunther has a top-cap with bayonet fitting (my favourite) so just a quarter turn and it’s off! The fill plate has 2 large kidney fill ports with membrane seal, if you don’t like the seal I don’t see any reason why the tanks vacuum would be compromised if removed due to the seal to the inner side of the top-cap. I never tried to remove the membrane seal personally but as a spare is included then it obviously can be! Pre-installed is the 5ml Bubble Glass which can be swapped for the 3.5ml straight glass!


Kriemhild 80W Mod Specs and Features:

Size: 87.543.730.0mm
Battery Type: Single 18650/20700/21700 (not included)
Output Voltage: 0.5-8V
Power Range: 5-80W
Output Mode: VW/Bypass
Screen: 0.49 inch OLED
Charging Type: 5V 2A Type-C fast charging
Security alarm system to ensure the Mod’s safe use
Thread: 510
Colours: Silver, Gunmetal, Black, Black & Gold

Fitting The Battery

The Kriemhild 80W Mod accommodates either a single 21700, 20700 or with the supplied adaptor an 18650 battery, the adaptor comes already installed inside the battery compartment with a round foam piece fitted to stop any movement during transit! The battery is fitted via the bottom of the device by unscrewing the battery plate.

This style of installing your battery is old school but much loved and still used on many high end devices, you can’t damage your wraps and it guarantees you will get no battery movement. I particularly like this style when a fold out lever is included making it much quicker and less fiddly to secure in place, on this battery plate as well as a fold out lever we also have venting slots which is good to see, the threading is nice and smooth so as far as I am concerned full marks!

The Display

The Display is old school and very small as well as being positioned on the top of the device for a more sleek aesthetic look. The device is so simple lot’s of displayed information isn’t needed so no issues with the small display and what is displayed can be easily read as it’s both bright and sharp!

Top left we have the battery status bar and then the rest of the top of the screen either displays your wattage when in variable wattage mode or say’s “BYPASS” when in Bypass mode. Bottom left we have the resistance and then bottom right the voltage!


Operating The Device

The Kriemhild 80W device is for those that like simplicity and any features to be useful rather than stuff that will never be used cluttering up the operation and user interface, it is therefore not for TC users as the only modes are Wattage and Bypass!

The Kriemhild is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, once on pressing both navigational buttons together locks those buttons but the device will still fire, repeating the operation unlocks the device. While the navigational buttons are locked 3 quick presses of the fire button also locks that button so the device will not fire!

With the device completely unlocked 3 quick presses of the fire button switches mode between Wattage and Bypass, the wattage adjusts from 5w to 80w in 0.5w increments with single presses and 1w increments with a navigational button held down, it round robins. Other features are up and fire together flips the display and repeating the operation flips it back again and finally down and fire together is stealth mode, once again repeating the sequence takes the device back to normal operation!


Short Circuit Protection
Over Charge Protection
10s Cut-off Protection
Over-heat Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over-current Protection

The Security Alarm System

To be honest because I only charged for a short time to see what’s what and didn’t have any issues with the device running too hot or any Atomiser Shorts I forgot about this feature until just before writing the review as the alarm didn’t sound on a single occasion which I suppose is actually a good thing, so just to check I held the fire button down for 10 seconds to be greeted by a combination of buzzes and beeps! I quite like this feature though as it will draw attention to serious issues while not going off just for the sake of it and becoming annoying!


You know the drill, I don’t recommend charging in the device unless it’s your only option but if you do the Kriemhild 80W Mod has a Type C USB connection and 2A charge rate.

Despite having a small display, while charging both a charging progress icon is displayed and the charge given as a percentage, it also supports pass-through vaping! Once fully charged the security alarm system kicks in giving one buzz followed by 3 beeps!


My Thoughts!

I must point out sub-ohm tanks with stock coils is not really my thing and only tend to test them if something stands out which was the case here with the patented Duplex coil head which I have used before with the Kriemhild II! Sub-ohm tanks tend to be quite loud and can be turbulent, the Gunther certainly isn’t quiet as the coil head sizzling can be clearly heard but it’s by no means especially loud and definitely not turbulent giving a smooth vape however the airflow is set!

I can see possibly those into their sub-ohm tanks getting the wow factor trying the new Duplex coil head because the flavour is up there with the Freemax coils and the quicker ramp up is definitely evident. I also found the 0.3ohm coil head gave very decent flavour but overall just wish there was more coil options. Also with there now being a RMC kit for K-series coil heads allowing you to build the included coils at a much cheaper price has to be a win!

Both coils will comfortably go 10w above their recommendation if you like a hot vape but liking restriction I preferred both 5w under using with the airflow closed down to just a quarter open. The design is pleasing to the eye although a bit funky with the bubble glass fitted and it comes with a decent amount of extras including spare glass and 510 adaptor!

The star though is the classy Kriemhild 80W Mod which just oozes quality. It’s sleek look will appeal to many with the stealth positioning of the screen it just looks great and has a very ergonomic form factor to boot! The only issues being it is very heavy and then to get petty the buttons give a rattle when tapping with a finger but other than that it’s just a fantastic power only simple device!

I like the battery plate with fold out lever which has silky smooth threading as does the 510 connection! When in stealth mode the screen has the appearance of a mirrored panel adding to it’s sleek design! Obviously for TC users or those that like many features this really isn’t for them but in every sense is Old school almost going back pre TC days but with an updated modern design. We do have something new though in the form of the Security Alarm System which could have been done in a way where the alarm was going off for any little thing instead I found it unobtrusive but efficient so a big win!

Being able to fit a 21700 is another plus and this fires out the gate no issues at all with the fire button giving a satisfying click! Having a Type C connection with 2A charge rate is another pro as is the charging feedback and that it supports pass-through vaping! Up top even a 26mm atomiser looks good even though it will part go over the screen but not the information displayed or device itself, 24mm and 22mm look great! so that covers pretty much any atomiser someone would use on a single battery device!

It’s strange how people can like completely different styles of mod! This absolutely no bells and whistles device is the second best device I have used this year with the best being the Coolfire Z80 which is feature packed! The biggest pro though has to be the price for a device with such a high standard build quality!



High-end build quality
4 Colour options
Matching Gunther tank
Ergonomic form factor
Sleek, classy design
Screen up top (stealth)
Battery plate with fold out lever
Fit a 21700, 20700 or 18650
Battery plate and 510 threading silky smooth
Very simple power only device
Stealth mode
Fit up to 26mm atomisers
Type C USB connection, 2A charge rate
Lock just the navigational buttons or whole device
Security Alarm System
Top to bottom leakproof airflow design
Bayonet Top-cap for quick filling
K-series plug and play coils including patented Duplex coil heads
Very good flavour both coils (Duplex just edges it)
RMC Kriemhild II Coil rebuildable accessories pack compatible
Smooth airflow
5ml Capacity
Included 510 drip tip adaptor
Good charging feedback, supports pass-through


Very heavy device
Rattle when tapping buttons (none during use or shaking)
Tank looks a bit funky with bubble glass (subjective)
Wish there was more coil options
No TC (con for TC users)

I would once again like to thank Jade from Vapefly for supplying the Kriemhild 80W Kit for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!

Kriemhild 80W Kit


I love devices like that. Function over style, every day. Clicky buttons, 21700, USB-C, up to a 26mm, sounds like a lot of winning there @Timwis. Nicely done, and great pics as always.


Unfortunately another good read from you Tim - just when you think there isn’t really anything being released you actually want…sigh


Nicely stated @Letitia.