Vapefly Kriemhild 200W Kit

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Kriemhild 200W Kit from Vapefly and of course the German 103 Team. The Kriemhild 200W Kit was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Mindy from Vapefly.



Vapefly have earned themselves a great reputation for producing atty’s of high end quality at affordable prices but are not known as a modmaker. Here with the Kriemhild Kit and in partnership with the German 103 team we see an outstanding debut.

The Kriemhild Sub-ohm tank almost has the appearance of a stock coil Brunhilde and is of high quality and has some really neat features. The Kriemhild Mod is a real looker but is both quite heavy and quite large but feels fantastic held in either hand. The Kriemhild boasts an easy to operate top tier for the most common modes with the less used modes and features within a separate menu. It has Power, TC-suite, Curves and memory settings as well as other features such as puff counter, back LED light adjustments and brightness. It’s back section also slides off to allow the fitting of either dual 18650 (with supplied adaptors), 20700 or 21700 batteries and then slides securely back in place. After using the device for a period 2 words sums it up, efficient and reliable, all so very German, let’s check it out!

In The Box



1 x Kriemhild Mod
1 x Kriemhild Tank
1 x Triple mesh coil(0.15ohm)
1 x Single mesh coil(0.2ohm, pre-installed)
1 x Glass tube
7 x O-rings
1 x Filling port silicon
1 x Pole silicon
2 x 18650 battery adaptors
2 x Type-C charging silicon
1 x Waring card
1 x Type-C charging cable
1 x User manual


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Kriemhild Kit came in fantastic presentation packaging, in fact i haven’t received anything so well presented as this before but it is fitting for such a quality mod and tank combo. Unfortunately these are especially packaged for reviewers so the retail packaging will differ but you will still receive the same quality products!

I received the Black Gold version which is Matte Black with Gold buttons and trim, the options are Black Gold, Black, Gunmetal and Stainless Steel, all versions come with a matching Kriemhild tank and the Black Gold version even comes with Gold coloured coil heads.

Being able to accommodate up to dual 21700 batteries and being of Zinc alloy construction it is a rather large and heavy device but feels fantastic in either hand with an easy to find very large fire button. It boasts a large screen, Leather wraps on the back sliding battery compartment and “Kriemhild” in translucent fancy font on the rear for an LED to shine through! It’s curved sides and front gives it an ergonomic favourable feel and the Gold trim and buttons on the Black gold version i was sent really sets it off!

Towards the bottom on the front we have a silicone plugged Type C USB port and a release catch on the base for the sliding battery compartment. Up top we have the 24mm almost flush plate with Gold plated, spring loaded 510. The 510 isn’t mounted centrally but brought forward yet i have had a 30mm tank fitted on the device with no overhang whatsoever!


Kriemhild Sub-ohm Tank Specs and Features:

Diameter: 26mm
Height: 55.5mm
Capacity: 5ml
Drip Tip: 810
Coil Type: 0.2ohm single mesh coil & 0.15ohm triple mesh coil
Material: SS+Derlin+Glass+Ni80/KA1 mesh coil
5ml large e-liquid capacity
Mesh coil for purer flavor & great clouds
Easy top refilling for easy operation
Bottom airflow design
Thread: 510
Colour: Stainless Steel, Black, Gunmetal, Black Gold


Kriemhild Sub-ohm Tank Overview

The Kriemhild Subohm Tank must have the best build quality i have witnessed for a stock coil tank, it’s 26mm in diameter, has a 5ml capacity and is heavy. Although the supplied coils are too high wattage for how i like to vape i still tested it and have tested enough tanks now to know despite it being too high wattage for me this is a high performing subohm tank. I am getting slightly confused about TPD regulations as this is marketed as being TPD compliant and was mainly designed for the German market yet it’s capacity is 5ml but even in the UK i am seeing it become available.


Up top we have a delrin 810 with o-rings but there is also an o-ring in the 810 fitting so Goon style drip tips will fit. The top-cap has a spring loaded ring which needs lifting and then the top-cap slides open to reveal a very generous fill port. With the glass being quite small and having a large top metal section then once the liquid goes above the glass you have to peer into the fill port to judge the level which isn’t ideal but not the end of the world! I do love how the ring lifts and then the top-cap slides open, it works fantastically!

We have bottom airflow with an airflow control ring that has dual large cyclops slots that moves with a really nice tolerance, the air gets fed into the coil head via the coil head base. The base of the tank screws off to reveal the Kriemhild accommodates Plug and Play coil heads which just get press fitted into place sealing with o-rings. It’s been seen before so not unique to the Kriemhild but still great to see the tank has a spring loaded inner chamber which shuts the juice flow off when removing the coil!

We essentially have an outer chamber with wicking ports and spring loaded inner chamber with matching wicking ports which line up when the coil head is inserted. When the coil is removed the inner chamber drops down sealing the tank so your coil head can be removed with a full tank of e-liquid without any escaping.


You receive 2 different beefy Ni80 mesh coil heads, spare glass, fill gasket, o-rings etc.

The Coils

There are 4 coil heads available for the Kriemhild of which you receive the 2 Ni80 offerings. Pre-installed is the Ni80 single mesh 0.2ohm coil head rated between 50 to 80w. You also receive the Ni80 triple mesh 0.15ohm coil head which is also rated between 50 to 80w.

Also available is a KA1 dual mesh 0.2ohm coil head which is rated between 45w to 70w and the KA1 single mesh 0.3ohm coil head which is rated between 40 to 60w. I will be buying some of the 0.3ohm coils because that’s within my vape range and i really like this tank and want to use it, also an RBA coil head is being tested by Vapefly but not sure about it’s release. All specs including wire material are marked on the coil heads which is a big pro.


Kriemhild 200W TC Box Mod Specs and Features:

Size: 38.6x 47.5x 91.0mm
Max puff time: 10S
Output power: 5-200W
Voltage range: 6.4-8.4V
Temperature range: 200-600℉/100-315℃
Charging: Type-C quick charge, 5V/3A(5V/2A available)
Screen: 1.33 inch TFT display
Resistance range: 0.02-3.0ohm
Battery: dual 18650/20700/21700 batteries (not included)
Efficient TC/VW/Curve working modes
Plenty of multi-functional protection
Exquisite appearance with compact design
Thread: 510
Colours: Black Gold, Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel


Fitting The Batteries

The Kriemhild will accommodate either dual 20700, 21700 or 18650 (with supplied adaptors) batteries which get fitted into the slide off battery compartment.

We have a release catch on the base of the device with horizontal grooves which needs sliding towards the front of the mod to release the slide off compartment, it is quite stiff but that’s a good thing as the catch and release mechanism is sturdy and looks to be very durable.

Orientation is marked inside the device and in Bright White on the battery compartment (excellent) and once you have placed your batteries in the compartment just slide the compartment back onto the device and you will hear a satisfying click as the lock mechanism secures, it uses the same concept as a magazine style like with the smok mag but without the stigma!

It really is very secure with no movement whatsoever and i installed all 3 types of batteries in the device and their was no battery rattle from any of them, cracking job!


The Display

I like this display a lot, it’s large, bright and sharp and the brightness can be adjusted within the extra menu along with the colour either the wattage or temperature is displayed in. All fonts are large, we have plenty of information on show yet the layout is very uncluttered.

At the top to each corner we have battery status bars, one for each battery labelled “A” and “B”, between these is the time and then below to the left we have the puff count and to the right the mode.

Centrally we have the wattage or temperature when in TC mode and below to the left we first have the preheat (or wattage when using TC) followed underneath by amps. Bottom right we have the resistance and then finally underneath the resistance the voltage.

The display has a 30 second timeout and then a rather nice large analogue animated clock face screensaver is displayed. How long the screensaver will be displayed before the screen turns off can be set in the menu between 10 seconds and 2 minutes.


Operating The kriemhild

The Kriemhild is the usual 5 clicks to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and it boots up in an instant showing a rather nice Vapefly logo for just 1 second and then we have the main working screen. As far as i can make out their is just one combination key press feature which is both navigational buttons pressed together locks and unlocks those buttons but while locked the device will still fire.

The main modes can be accessed and adjusted very easily because the less used features are kept in a separate menu, to alter the mode or anything within it you first need to press the fire button quickly 3 times. Pressing the fire button 3 times will cause the mode to blink and using the navigational button you can switch between Variable Wattage and TC modes. When the mode is blinking each press of the fire button causes the next item on that screen that can then be adjusted to be selected so with VW blinking you can press the fire button to change the preheat between Normal, Soft or Hard and another press of the fire button allows you to alter the resistance and a final press of the fire button allows you to lock the resistance. When TC mode is flashing it works the same but on the TC working screen first you can choose wire type, then you can set wattage and finally like with the Variable Wattage screen you can change and lock resistance.

To enter the extra menu is 4 quick presses of the fire button and then we get a list of options which are Light settings, Puff settings, Brightness, Memory, Curves, Time and Exit.

The light settings screen at first is quite confusing because we have 3 things that can be set yet only one is actually to do with the translucent “Kriemhild” on the back of the device lighting up as this only lights white and only when the fire button is pressed. We first have a row of 6 different colour squares we can choose from which is actually what colour you want either the wattage or temperature on the main working screen to be displayed in. Next we have the choice of either having the light on or off which simply means when set on “Kriemhild” lights up when the device is fired or if set off it doesn’t. Finally we can set how long we wish the animated analogue screensaver to be displayed for between 10 seconds right up to 2 minutes.


Puff settings is where you can reset the puff counter, brightness is obviously where you adjust the Brightness of the display and Memory is where you can save your current settings into one of four memory slots. Once you have at least one memory slot in use then the initial menu you access with 3 clicks of the fire button can now be changed between Variable Wattage, TC and memory rather than just VW and TC. Next we have curves which is where we can set either a power curve if you were in wattage mode before entering the menu or temperature curve if you were in TC, then time where we can set the time displayed both on the working screen and on the analogue clock screensaver and finally exit.

I like the way the device is navigated and the only thing to point out is we have no manual TCR. The wattage adjusts in point one increments but when holding the button down after 4w of point 1 increments it switches to 1w increments. I have a feeling since the early review samples this has had a firmware update as the videos i watched back in January showed the scrolling to be quite slow while mine is plenty quick enough!



Overcharge Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Power Indication
Overheat Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Overtime Protection



As always i never recommend charging in the device unless it’s your only option but if you do or there is a firmware upgrade you wish to install we have Type C USB giving a 5V/3A charging rate with the supplied USB cable and an adaptor that supports 5V/3A quick charge, if not it still supports a reliable 5A/2A charge rate.

The USB port has a silicone plug sealing it which stays attached to the device when unplugged. We only usually see this on IP67 devices yet because this accommodates external batteries and many might never even use the port it actually makes a lot of sense so hope to see this on more devices in the future, a simple small thing but i like the thought process a lot!


My Experience Using The Kit And Thoughts!

I will start with the Tank which i will be looking to get the RBA if it gets released and also some of the 0.3ohm coils because i really like it and it looks so good on top of the Kriemhild mod. As it was, i tested both coils for airflow and flavour but because i just don’t vape at 70 to 80W i didn’t check for longevity. The supplied coils are both rated at between 50 to 80w but i found they performed much better towards the upper limit where both was a match for the falcon and Fireluke coils when it came to flavour. With the airflow fully open this gives enough air for most although the triple mesh coil did have slightly more restriction. The 0.2ohm single mesh coil was best with airflow fully open as i found when i closed the airflow down it got quite loud and a touch turbulent. I much preferred the triple mesh 0.15ohm coil which gave a smooth vape across the board even when closing the airflow right down for a more restricted draw.

All the machining and threading is top-notch and i love both the way you lift the top-cap ring before sliding open (it works excellently) and the spring loaded inner chamber which closes the juice flow when a coil is removed. The only real cons is you need to use the fill port as a viewing window when filling and being loud with a touch of turbulence when reducing airflow with the single mesh coil.


As well as the included Kriemhild Tank I also tested the Kriemhild mod with some RTA’s from the new Berserker to the 30mm in diameter Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA which fitted with 1mm to spare to the front of the device so even 32mm tanks will look good up top.

I first used the device with included adaptors and dual 18650’s and despite having the LED on, 30 second timeout, Screensaver set at 30 seconds and of course that large, bright screen i seemed to still get better than average battery life so when i switched to dual 21700’s i reset the puff counter and got just shy of 900 puffs. I know it isn’t an exact science as i am vaping at all sorts of wattage’s and peoples vape duration for each puff will differ but this device is efficient and it shows how little power an LED or large bright screen really uses and that’s very little. Having type C USB is another pro as well as supporting a 5V/3A charge rate, i also love the way the port is sealed with a silicone bung!

I like the way the main working screen can be switched between VW and TC with memory slots only added once set and everything else is in a separate menu, it keeps it a basic device if that’s what you prefer but all the features and customisation are tucked away for those that want to use them. Even the “Kriemhild” in fancy font lighting up on the rear looks classy in my opinion so if you don’t like the LED on this device you’re not going to like LED’s on anything, of course you have the option of turning it off so not an issue!

I did see a couple of video reviews for the mod back in January so although i don’t have equipment to thoroughly test out temp control i am led to believe it works fine if just a little on the conservative side and TC comes to the only real con i have for this device which doesn’t bother me but it has no manual TCR. If i am going to be petty then some won’t like that the timeout can’t be reduced from 30 seconds and there isn’t an option to tun the screensaver off!

The German designed Kriemhild i have already pointed out i found to be very efficient with battery life and another word springs to mind when thinking of the good German people and that’s reliable. The Kriemhild was reliable alright performing without a false move during my testing time, it’s one of the best mods to be made in China without any doubt! Great Kit!



High end build quality
Aesthetically stunning (in my opinion)
4 Colour options
German design
Ergonomic in either hand
Sliding back battery door
Locking mechanism strong and durable
Accommodates dual 21700, 20700 or 18650’s with supplied adaptors
Sliding panel fits securely (no movement whatsoever)
No battery rattle whichever batteries you use
No rattles whatsoever from the device
Classy (in my opinion) LED lit up “Kriemhild” lettering when firing (option to turn off)
Very large, bright, sharp, uncluttered and well laid out display
Display colour customisation
Each battery has independent status bar
Simple to use between variable wattage and TC modes
TC not tested but have heard it works ok
Extra menu with many features
Memory slots
Both power and temperature curves
Puff counter
Brightness can be adjusted
Type C USB either 5V/2A or even 5V/3A charge rate with the correct adaptor
USB port sealed with silicone bung
Can fit up to 32mm atty’s without overhang
Performed efficiently and reliably
Firmware upgradeable
Top quality sub-ohm tank
Neat top-cap opening method
Spring loaded inner chamber sealing tank when coil head removed
Machining and threading superb
Flavour from both coils a match for the Falcon and Fireluke 2 (high praise indeed)
5ml capacity
Hopefully RBA on it’s way (yes please)
Plenty of spare parts included, including spare glass


Quite large and heavy
Filling tank needs to be judged via fill port
Wish the lowest wattage 0.3ohm coil was included (subjective)
Single mesh coil a touch loud and turbulent when closing airflow down
No manual TCR
Can’t reduce timeout or turn screensaver off (subjective con for some)


I would once again like to thank Mindy from Vapefly for supplying the Kriemhild 200W Kit and the German 103 Team for such a great design! Thanks for reading and stay safe!!!


Really nice rundown of a solid device man, I’ve had a few issues with my screen due to moisture getting in, which I’m still waiting to hear back from, but i love the rest of it, nice job man, :ok_hand:t2: :dash: :dash:

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