Vapefly Galaxies 30W Starter Kit 950mAh - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Galaxies 30W Starter Kit 950mAh from Vapefly. The Vapefly Galaxies 30W Starter Kit 950mAh was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Mindy from Vapefly.



Vapefly have grown in popularity and since initially specialising in RTA’s, RDA’s and RDTA’s with clever innovative airflow designs more recently have started also releasing devices that have been met with similar enthusiasm!

The Galaxies 30W Starter Kit is a genuine starter kit but like none other offering a pod tank which allows for either MTL or RDL vaping styles and a stealth palm sized IP67 rated device with screen and two power modes.

It’s a tiny device yet packs a 950mAh battery which gives reasonable battery life with the available high resistance coils. With both wattage and Bypass modes and both Galaxies Pod Tank (Galaxies Air) and Device able to be used independently with other devices and high resistance tanks the Galaxies 30W Starter Kit is a starter kit which allows the vaper to develop and find which direction they wish to travel, let’s crack on!

In The Box



1 x Galaxies Air Tank
1 x Galaxies 30W Mod
1 x FreeCoreTM 0.8ohm Coil
1 x FreeCoreTM 1.2ohm Coil
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x USB Cable
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Galaxies 30W Kit comes in cardboard packaging with outer cardboard sleeve and on opening both device and Pod Tank are proudly displayed side by side. In this section i will just cover the Galaxies 30w device as the Galaxies Air Tank will be covered in a later section. I received the Blue version which has the main chassis covered in a thick Blue rubber material while the darker Blue central spine section is a thinner harder rubber which has a tree bark like raised design, the options are Pink, Brown, Blue, Black or Black & Brown.

Both sides towards the front, top and bottom we have that shockproof rubber casing as seen on other IP67 devices like the Aegis series, towards the back central we have the extension of the spine section. On one side we have a silicone plug section with Vapefly embossed and a small protruding tab at the top to help with removal this is to seal the USB connection, on the opposite side in the same position we have “GALAXIES” embossed into the rubber casing.

The face is a Black plastic panel with Black plastic buttons, towards the top we have the rectangular protruding fire button then lower down a screen, underneath the screen we have an horizontally positioned navigational rocker. On the rubber base we have 6 venting holes with a membrane seal underneath then moving up top towards the rear rather than a 510 plate we have more of a generous extended rim to the 510 threaded connection, the 510 is Gold plated and spring loaded.

As mentioned the Galaxies 30W device is tiny and just gets swallowed up by the hand, it’s a cute little bugger!!!


Galaxies 30W Starter Kit Specs and Features:

Kit size: 24.75 x 34.88 x 93.30mm
Tank Size: 22.0 x 38.8mm
Mod Size: 24.75 x 34.88 x 54.30mm
Capacity: 2ml
Coils: FreeCoreTM 0.8ohm Coil(NI80,12W-18W)
FreeCoreTM 1.2ohm Coil(KA1,8W-12W)
Power: 5-30W
Battery: 950mAh
Charging: USB 5V 1A
The smallest rugged IP67 mod kit
MTL and RDL vaping with two types of coil
Bottom airflow control
Compatible with all upcoming FreeCoreTM G series coils
Thread: 510
Colours: Pink, Brown, Blue, Black, Black & Brown



The Galaxies Pod Tank (Galaxies Air Tank)

The Galaxies Air Tank is a pod tank which comprises of two sections, the top pod section and the bottom base tank section. The pod fits to the base section via a bayonet fitment making if quick to both separate and attach the two sections together. looking inside the base section we can see the same central positive and dual negative spring loaded contacts you would see in a pod bay on a pod mod, this base section then has a 510 thread as well as adjustable airflow ring!


The pod is one complete moulding so the drip tip can’t be removed which is one of my few hang ups about this set-up, being suited for both MTL and RDL draws the mouthpiece is an halfway house and in my opinion not ideal for either, being able to fit more specialised MTL and RDL drip tips would of been much better.

The pod is also tinted quite dark and although i could see the juice level in certain light i did need to train my eyes so again a lighter pod would be an improvement!

Looking at the base you can see the bayonet fitting and central chamber section where a coil head gets press fitted into place. Finally on one side low down so hidden once fitted to the base section we have the silicone bung section, of course this means the pod needs removing to fill!


The Coils


2 coils are included which are the FreeCore G-series G1 Ni80 0.8ohm coil head rated from 12w to 18w and the FreeCore G-series G2 Kanthal 1.2ohm coil head rated from 8w to 12w. The Galaxies Pod Tank will also be compatible with future G-series coil heads!


To fit the coil head you first have to remove the Pod section from the base which being a bayonet fitting is just a quarter turn. This leaves you with the pod section which looks similar to other pod mod pods and the coil is fitted the same way by simply press fitting into place!



To fill you need to remove the pod from the base section which with the bayonet fitting is quick and easy to do with the tank on the device, no need to unscrew the tank first. Then simply lift up the rubber flap and pull the fill bung clear which reveals a good sized filling port which allowed for a quick mess free fill.

Fitting the bung back into position i found a little tricky at times but possibly just mine and it got easier the more i filled. Once filled again it’s just a quarter turn to fix the pod back into the tank base section!


The Airflow

The base section has an airflow control ring just as on any standard stock coil tank which turns with a nice tolerance. The airflow has 2 small airflow holes and then a slot giving the choice of one hole open, two holes open or two holes with how much of the slot open that is required for the draw you are after! This allows for anything from a reasonably tight MTL right up to a RDL draw!


Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof (IP67)

The Galaxies 30w device is IP67 rated which means it can withstand water immersion between 15cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes.

It is also dustproof as classified by the first number of the IP67 rating and due to materials used shockproof so the device is protected from dust ingress and accidental drops.

To achieve the IP rating for water resistance it has a watertight 510 connection assembly, seals between buttons and electronics, a watertight USB connection plug and the venting holes on the base have a watertight membrane behind which in the unlikely case of venting will break to allow this!


The Display

The Galaxies 30w device has a reasonable sized screen for it’s size but only basic information is displayed which makes sense as this is mainly meant as a starter kit so best not to overwhelm the new vaper with too much information that could be confusing! Top left we have the mode which will be Power or Bypass and then top right is the resistance. This information is underscored and then to the left we have a vertically positioned battery status bar and to the right your wattage which will display voltage in Bypass mode! When vaping the battery status bar and wattage/voltage is replaced by “VAPING” which i like as it tells the new vaper they are no longer smoking but taking a healthier option!


Operating The Device

The Galaxies 30w device is a very simple device so this will be a shorter than usual section. 5 clicks of the fire button turns the device on and off and once on both sides of the navigational rocker together locks it but the device will still fire.

We have just two modes which are standard variable wattage mode and Bypass, pressing fire three times highlights the mode and you can switch between the two using the navigational rocker. In wattage mode the wattage can be adjusted in 0.5w increments from 5w to 30w and it round robins.

Just a note that although more coils will become compatible and you can use other atomizers on the device there is no need to worry about the safety of the Bypass mode in regard stress on the battery, although it doesn’t mention it in the specs the device only allows higher resistances, i tried an RTA with a 0.38 build and when trying to fire it came up low atomizer!



Low Power Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Charge Protection
Over Current Protection
Over Temperature Protection
10 Seconds Cut-off Protection



The device needs charging via the USB connection using the supplied cable. The USB port can be found by removing the plug section on the side of the device identified by “Vapefly” being embossed and a small protruding tab which needs pulling which removes the plug from the port while still staying attached to the device.

While charging with the device switched off we get an horizontally positioned battery charging progress bar, while switched on the normal status bar acts as the charging progress bar. The charge rate is 1A and the 960mAh battery charges in about one hour, which is ok especially as pass-through is supported!


My Experience Using The Galaxies 30w Kit!

I am not going to lie being a starter kit i only tested this over the last 5 days, one day with the 0.8ohm coil and the last 4 with the 1.2ohm coil to get some idea of coil longevity. The 0.8ohm just edged it for flavour and i liked this with fully open airflow for a tight restricted direct lung draw. The flavour from the 1.2ohm coil although slightly down on the 0.8ohm coil was still above average flavour and after 4 days and a good few fills the coil is still giving the same flavour as with the first tank fill so very happy! This coil is much happier without the airflow slot being used with either 2 or one airflow holes being open, 2 gave a medium MTL while 1 hole open gave a medium tight draw very similar to that given by a cigarette so maybe the 1.2ohm with the tightest draw would be an ideal starting point for the new vaper with this kit!

There is nothing much wrong with this kit. personally i don’t like the half way house moulded mouthpiece and would much prefer a standard 510 fitting but although the mouthpiece didn’t suit me when we have a few tanks and drip tips we become quite spoilt and for a new vaper it will be fine! I do feel the pod section is too darkly tinted though, you can see the liquid inside but in some light it can be a struggle, i also found the fill bung just slightly fiddly to fit back in place but it seemed to get easier the more it was used. I also would much prefer top-fill and not have to remove the pod section but with the bayonet fitting just needing a quarter turn it’s still quite a quick system that i found to be mess free.

I like how this is not only suitable for a new vaper but with that 0.8ohm coil and adjustable airflow allowing for a RDL draw it allows a new vaper to grow if needed! It’s also nice that for the first time an IP67 device is available for the starter, maybe they benefit even more than the long term vaper!

Battery life with these coil head resistances is surprisingly quite good especially with the 1.2ohm coil and then it’s just a one hour recharge while supporting pass-through which while is nothing amazing, is satisfactory!

Obviously this would never be my main device but on a summers day when i might only have a small pocket or need to carry my device while i am still not sure i would use the kit due to the drip tip i can see me bunging a MTL RTA on top this device and off i go, but as a starter kit it’s very good, well done Vapefly!



Smallest IP67 Device
Stealth like and ergonomic
5 Colour options
Genuine starter kit
Also allows room for new vaper to grow
RDL and MTL draws (down to cigarette type pull)
Pod and base section of tank separate with bayonet fitting
Adjustable airflow moves with nice tolerance
Both RDL and MTL coil provided
Both coils gave above average flavour with the G1 o.8ohm having the edge
Tested just 1.2ohm coil for longevity which is above average (after 4 days zero drop off)
Very simple user friendly device
Variable Wattage and Bypass modes
Charges in one hour
Supports pass-through


Pod section darkly tinted
moulded half way house mouthpiece
Need to remove pod section to fill (quick with bayonet fitting)
Not Type C USB (might be good reason for such a small device)
before the silicone became more pliable fill bung was a little tricky to fit in place

I would once again like to thank Mindy from Vapefly for supplying the Vapefly Galaxies 30W Starter Kit 950mAh for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


Thorough review, @Timwis ! Well done :ok_hand:


Another one, nicely done @Timwis, with great P’s and C’s.


Great review. Very informative. Good job.


Nicely done sir. I like it. I do have a question though…
What is a halfway house drip tip?


Trying to suit two things so going middle of the road mate! like “Jack of all trades”!

The style and bore isn’t ideal for a good MTL but not perfect for RDL either they have tried to suit both styles which is the problem if you have a MTL/RDL tank but a moulded mouthpiece rather than standard 510 drip tip fitting! It’s ok for a new vaper but when like us you have had the luxury of using different drip tips it doesn’t really cut it!


Ahhh, HA!! Thanks for the explanation mate!


Very good review . Any reason why you didn’t test it longer than normally?

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Very little to test, very simple device and have used so many FreeCore coils, these might be new G-seies but that’s just the outer shell to fit the device, performance the same has past FreeCore coils! Not going to test simple starter kits as long as stuff that satisfy my own vaping needs more and have much more that needs testing for!