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@Jim22 check with gascity if it is the master kit or not - I am not sure if all the options come with that particular version.

Edit : oh Mjag already said.


I uhm accidentally bought it and the Deathwish Isolation RTA too. How does that happen? It only comes with one metal barrel. Here is the contents:

25mm Diameter
Side terminal postless deck
Multi coil configuration
Adjustable Airflow
Deep Juice Well
Custom Wide Bore Drip Tip
Easy top dripping
Less spitback
Black Drip Tip
Ultem Drip Tip (Polished)
Clear Drip Tip
SS or Black tank
Ultem tank (Polished)
Clear tank
Squonk pin
Clear O rings
Black O rings
Accessory bag
Serial number

Each kit come with 3 tanks and 3 drip tip caps


Let me know what you think of the Gear RTA, been thinking of getting one and if you like it then I am sure I would too.

DHL just surprised me with the Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA. So far a flavorful one lunger and any excuse to use my Pumper 21 is all good.


Now that looks like a great design!
Airflow should close down evenly and smoothly.

Will be anxiously awaiting your thoughts on it!


I am just not feeling the love for the Gear. I really want to like something from a new company although I think its just an offshoot of Wotofo. Its kinda restricted airflow. You need tiny elf fingers if you want to adjust the air flow control ring. The juice capacity is abysmal. You might as well just drip. I am not impressed with the thread quality and have had to grab the rubber jar opener several times to disassemble the tank. I hate plastic tanks. Its not cheap for what it is and they could have spent 5 cents more for a glass bubble. Its not the most horrible thing ever and has decent flavor and cloud, but I wouldn’t recommend it or replace it if I lost it. There are so many better single coils RTAs out there.


While it’s a bummer to learn that it falls short in some important areas (plastic tank, tiny elf fingers needed :rofl:, threads)…

And here I was thinking it was designed with squonking in mind.
I take it that’s not an option?
(Even if it is, as a result of your additional input, my initial impression based on the appearance alone has been very well “adjusted”…)

I remain grateful to the lot of you fine folks who either “early adopt” or receive testers, and share honest thoughts for everyone’s benefit! :thumbsup:


So many things you bring up would bug me too. Thanks for the honest assessment. We tend to have the same likes and dislikes so I trust your opinion big time :+1:

@Sprkslfly if it squonked then that would be cool, no idea though but a RTA that you can squonk would be cool. I got a few RDTA that squonk but meh so far


Yeah, I got wires crossed up. Sorry.
Your first comment (about the Gear) kinda super-glued itself onto your pic for whatever reason. :roll_eyes: and :man_facepalming:

Anyways, I then ran that headlong into Jim’s comments (thinking he was remarking about the Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA).

Full circle, I was intending on asking if the Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA had the ability to squonk?

Yeah it was a banner day yesterday obviously.
(At least in these few moments anyways…) chuckles and sighs


No worries brother.

A squonkable RTA would be cool though, get rid of the bubble glass and still have all day juice :+1:


Today I got my Steam Crave Limited Edition Plus. It comes with a bubble glass, standard postless deck, series deck and single coil deck.


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