Vape Chronicles: Your Most Memorable Vaping Moments 🌬️

Hey Vaping Community,

Let’s dive into the heart and soul of our vaping journeys! We all have those unforgettable moments that make our vaping experience truly special. Whether it’s a heartwarming, funny, or downright extraordinary tale, it’s time to share your Vape Chronicles.

:mag: What to Share:

  • Your most memorable vape sessions
  • Funny or unexpected vaping encounters
  • Heartwarming stories related to vaping
  • Unique or standout flavor discoveries
  • Moments when vaping played a significant role in your life

:camera_flash: Bonus Points: Feel free to accompany your stories with images, gifs, or memes that capture the essence of your Vape Chronicles.

I’ll kick things off with a moment that still brings a smile to my face. Can’t wait to hear all your incredible stories!


I’ve got a tale from the virtual skies that still makes me chuckle every time I think about it. Picture this: a high-stakes Air Sim battle in War Thunder, with me piloting a massive American WWII bomber.

As I soared above the clouds, deep in enemy territory, I spotted a prime target—an airfield begging for a payload. My teammates were off engaging enemy planes, leaving me to execute a stealthy bombing run. Everything was going according to plan until I decided to add a touch of immersion to my gameplay.

With my head tracking freshly set up, I took a monumental drag on my vape, envisioning the vapor cloud enhancing the camouflage effect I had going on with the clouds around me. Little did I know, this decision would lead to virtual chaos.

As I exhaled the vapour cloud, my gaming world turned white, momentarily blinding my virtual pilot. The head tracking system, trying to regain focus, decided to showcase everything except the ground. When the vapour dissipated, I found myself in a full-on nose dive, far from my intended target.

Lesson learned: vaping clouds might add to the immersion, but not when your head tracking system decides to take a scenic detour! :sweat_smile:

Now, I want to hear your unforgettable vaping moments. Share your Vape Chronicles, and let’s embark on a journey of stories and laughter together! :wind_face::sparkles:


I vaped a DIY mix that I liked once.


Well, not an encounter, but there was a stray hair in the jarred fart I bought off of Zophey Vapes’ Only Fans.


Saskatoon Berry


I was struck down by a level 13 necromancer with a curse of sleep and one of the DIY Or Die reviewers, the one with the funny glasses was like, “Naaawwww waaaaaaayyyyy braaaaaahhhhh no cap that’s waaaack,” and then blew some bronuts from Wayne in my face and I was revived.


@JoelSq Looks like Zophey Vapes’ Only Fans comes with a surprise “hairloom” edition. Who knew you’d get a side of unexpected flavor with your e-liquid? Maybe it’s the secret ingredient we never knew we needed. :joy:


It was her tropical blend called “Maui Wowie” with suble hits of polynesian clay, coconut husk, sharp notes of pineapple and vinegar. It’s loco.




I’ll share a silly one those from ELR may remember: I was trying to make a vape based on a beef wellington named ‘You Donkey!’.

It was an accurate representation of the dish, though I couldn’t stop giggling over how wrong it was when testing the WIPs.


Strap in, because this journey involves dodgy deals, a smoking ban, and a ton of trial and error. This is my tale—from a pack-a-day smoker to a vaping convert.

Let’s rewind to the days of hand-rolled cigarettes. I ditched the convenience of packs for the allure of flavor. But life had other plans—a smoking ban hit in 2021, turning us into covert agents, smuggling and dealing in knock-off brands. It wasn’t just a habit; it became a makeshift job. I started buying raw tobacco, toasting, and blending my own concoctions. Smoking wasn’t just a routine; it was my hustle, supplying the cravings of fellow dodgy smokers.

Then came the lift of the ban. Life was supposed to return to normal, but my smoking had become a tangled web of flavors and rituals. That’s when I stumbled upon a disposable vape. The flavor hit me like a truck, but the coughing? That was a deal-breaker. Fast forward a bit, and curiosity got the better of me. I gave vaping another shot, and suddenly, I was hooked on the sweet embrace that only a vape could provide.

Cue the real game-changer—the SWAG PX80. This bad boy introduced me to the world of dessert flavors. Life was never the same again. Intrigued, I threw an RDA on it, and well, let’s just say it didn’t go smoothly. That’s when Google led me to this forum. I was a lost soul seeking guidance in the clouds of vapor.

Now, there’s no turning back. Three years strong, not a whiff of a cigarette. Call it a win, call it a transformation—I’m just glad to be part of this vape journey. Big shoutout to this forum, where I found my vaping sanctuary.

Keep those coils glowing, and may your clouds be ever flavorful. :dash::v:


Not Laconic.