Vape Ban Reverbs Internationally

Not looking good.


It would really be something if we could organize, with the US companies who planned to stay in business, a way to distribute to a central location in each state and have individuals pick up their own orders there. Maybe make it so you’d have to buy enough vape supplies to last a month. I dunno…just thinking out loud here :thinking:


I wish I wish upon a shooting star…

I really wish I had the resources to start my own vape delivery business. It would take a lot of money and trucks and people willing to work.


In a state like Illinois that could mean a long drive.


Understood. The options could be numerous…perhaps a delivery vehicle could run a major interstate in each state, making stops at various exits and using ‘park and ride’ lots to hand off packages to recipients. Just brainstorming @Letitia. I’d be willing to drive an hour to be able to keep vaping. Show your ID, get your goods!

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That would be a treat if everyone was available to meet the pickup at the appropriate time. Probably work out better to just pay commission to someone to remail from a central location per state.


I guess there is a very real possibility that the U.S. ban could affect us here eventually. With our current tensions with China, buying from there may become hit and miss customs (china) wise, and I don’t think we make a real lot of hardware in Australia, so that has to come from somewhere too.

Though we are a part of the “British Commonwealth”, our politicians seem more inclined to follow the U.S. pathway and treat us vapers as second class citizens, so it really would not surprise me if they tried something along the same lines.

Here in South Australia, they have already made life difficult for us so we already know where their care factor lies. Hopefully I am wrong, but it could now be just a matter of time…


its criminal! the corruption of Michael Bloomberg rearing is ugly head! the same guy that tried to bribe the Philippine FDA to ban ecigs, bribed the postal services to stop carrying vape mail has his own FDA approved ecig coming out soon …first step is to destroy everyone else. corruption at its finest! International pressure mounts vs Bloomberg’s interference in FDA – Philippines