Vape Alchemy: ChatGPT's Unpredictable E-liquid Recipes!

Hey VapeFam!

We all love ChatGPT’s creative sparks, but when it comes to vape juice recipes, it can be a wild ride. :smile: Let’s share the crazy or unexpectedly amazing e-liquid concoctions that ChatGPT has whipped up. Ever received a recipe that had you questioning its vape-ability or, surprisingly, turned out to be a flavor sensation?

Dive into the vape lab chaos and spill the beans on your ChatGPT-generated juice adventures. Whether it’s a fusion of flavors that defy convention or a mix that unexpectedly hits the sweet spot, let’s explore the world of ChatGPT vape alchemy together!

To kick things off, here’s a head-scratcher ChatGPT suggested:

Turkish Temptation

  • Turkish Delight: 40%
  • Rose Water: 20%
  • Pomegranate: 15%
  • Vanilla Cream: 15%
  • Honey: 10%

Good luck getting any VG in there.