Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review


I used to crave mods with new and exciting features; new chipset functions and IP6* protection.

Nowadays, my desires have changed; all I want from a mod is something that looks and feels good in my hand, this is why I requested the Requiem Mod for review.

Product overview

The Requiem Mod is a 95w 21700/18650 mod, with a maximum atomizer size of 28mm (more on that later)

What do you get?

  • Requiem Mod
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • type-C USB cable

It’s a mod, there wasn’t anything else I was expecting, however I have a suspicion that it will be offered later as a kit comprising the mod and a lite version of the Requiem RTA.

First impressions

Firstly, it’s a really good looking device and that is likely to be its main selling point; mine is the Ultem version, which refers to the color rather than the actual material.

The body is transparent PSU, the battery tube/face-plate are media blasted and feel like they are made of aluminum, while the buttons have a slightly shiny finish. The battery cap unscrews with smooth threading.

In the hands, it’s as light as you’d imagine a PSU+Aluminum mod to be, coming in at 96g, it also has decent ergonomics, and works particularly well for thumb firing.

Vandy Vape claim a maximum atomizer size of 28mm, but I was able to fit a 30mm atomizer on the Requiem without overhang, however as the PSU around the 510 is flush, this might result in scratching; besides I can’t imagine many people using a 30mm atomizer on a single-battery mod.

Of course, as I have the Requiem RTA in the same color scheme, they pair up perfectly, while the other colors available will suit other atomizers better.


The Requiem Mod has a version of the same chipset that is found in many recent Vandy Vape products, which is always welcome as it’s one of the best proprietary chipsets on the market right now.

Along with UI color change, factory reset, etc, it also allows you to switch on/off certain power modes. The only power mode I use is wattage (which is set as default), however you can also choose from variable voltage, temp control and bypass modes.

The button combinations are as follows:

  • five clicks - power on/off
  • three clicks – access the available power modes
  • power down+fire – flip the screen (why?)
  • power up+fire – lock
  • power up+down – settings menu
  • power up+down+fire – stealth mode on/off

The only thing I feel is missing in this chipset, is the ability to adjust the power in 0.5 wattage increments, and this is something that only MTL users are likely to appreciate.


Whatever mod you are currently using, the Requiem will not make your vapor production increase or give you more flavor, apart from a few terrible mods, they all perform really well nowadays.

A mod for me is an object of desire, and for that the Requiem ticks all of my boxes; it looks great, it feels great and it has enough UI customization to satisfy.


The Vandy Vape Requiem Mod was supplied by Sourcemore for the purposes of this review. Sourcemore were also kind enough to provide the code VVRM that will reduce the price from $43.49 to $30.99


Thank you @I_aint_Joe, nicely done.