Vandy Vape Jackaroo 18650 Pod Review


I’ve reviewed a lot of Vandy Vape products, and while I’ve used their stock-coils in AIOs, that’s always been a quick detour before the RBA.

As far as I can remember, this is my first Vandy Vape dedicated pod device review.

Product overview

The Jackaroo 18650 Pod is as the name implies, a 70w, 18650 battery pod device, that uses Vandy Vape’s VVC coils, has IP67 protection and a 4.7ml pod.

What do you get?

  • Jackaroo 18650 device
  • 1×0.3ohm VVC coil (fitted)
  • 1×0.9ohm VVC coil
  • MTL 510 drip-tip
  • USB type-C cable
  • Coil removal tool.
  • I really like getting two very different coils in a kit, it’s all well and good to say “it’s compatible with blah blah coil”, but if it’s not in the kit, many people will never try anything other than the supplied coils.
  • MTL drip-tip. Most people coming from rebuildable atomizers will have plenty of spare drip-tips. People coming from other pod devices might have none, so this could prove useful.
  • Coil removal tool. Why? The coils are really easily removed without any tools.

First impressions

The Jackaroo 18650 is chunky and heavy, especially when compared to something like the Drag X2 (another 18650 pod mod), this is probably due in part due to the IP67 construction.

Apart from the size, it’s a really comfortable mod to hold, from the ergonomic grip, to the materials and general build quality, it’s feels very good.


There is only one mode (smart) and no settings, you can turn the screen off (fire+up+down), reset the puff counter (fire+down) and lock the wattage (fire+up).

Smart mode detects the resistance, adjusts the wattage accordingly and won’t let you exceed the recommended coil maximum wattage.

How does it perform?

  • 0.3ohm coil this coil works well from 35-40w and I found no benefit from pushing it to the maximum recommended 45w. The flavors were clear and defined, and vapor production was pretty good considering the comparatively low wattage. This coil responded well to closing the airflow a little.
  • 0.9ohm coil this coil didn’t work well with tobacco juices, but with pastries it was surprisingly good. As with the previous coil, there’s no need to use maximum wattage, I found that around 12w with airflow about 80-90% closed was its sweet spot. As far as a stock-coil based MTL experience, this is good, throat hit is slightly underwhelming, but the flavor is excellent.


The airflow adjustment isn’t the most precise, but it works and more importantly covers everything from DL to MTL.


The Jackaroo 18650 ticks a lot of boxes; IP67 protection, good coils, excellent ergonomics, and good build quality.

What I like the most about this device is its flexibility, neither DL nor MTL feel like a compromise, and with the adjustable airflow and ability to use 510 drip-tips, you can really dial in a perfect vape.


The Vandy Vape Jackaroo 18650 Pod was provided by Sourcemore for the purposes of this review.


Nice review @I_aint_Joe, thank you. While I have a couple of the excellent VV Jackaroo Dual 18650 kits and the earlier single 21700 kits I am not a fan of pods or anything that only uses stock coils but I think this one has the option of a rebuidable RDTA pod sold separately which makes this kit far more versatile than just your usual pod device. If you happen to pick one up I would be very interested to hear how you get on with it.