Vandy Vape Berserker v3 MTL RTA Review by illogik

Hey there VC’ers. Today I’ll be taking a look at the Vandy Vape Berserker v3 MTL RTA which has been designed in collaboration with Alex from Vapers MD. This was kindly supplied for this review by Joyi from Sourcemore.


  • 24mm diameter
  • 31.5mm Height with 2ml glass (without driptip) 43.5mm height with 6ml glass
  • 2ml/6ml Capacity
  • Single coil build deck
  • Top refill with a simple quarter turn top cap removal
  • 510 pin doubles up as airflow inlet
  • 3 sizes of MTL drip tip included
  • 5 Colours available (matte black, SS, gunmetal, frosted grey, gold)
  • New base design
  • Both glass and PEI Tubes supplied in 2ml and 6ml sizes
  • 3 Airflow pipes included


  • 1x Complete Vandy Vape Berserker v3 MTL RTA
  • 2x PEI tubes. 2ml and 6ml
  • 1x 6ml Glass
  • 2x Different size drip tips (and a third fitted)
  • 3 Airflow pipes
  • Accessory bag with spare o-rings, allen key, grommets and screws
  • Replacement chimney for 6ml glass
  • 2x Ni80, 2.5mm ID, Superfine MTL fused clapton 30ga*2+38ga/0.74Ω coils
  • QC Certificate
  • User manual

The packaging consists of quite a sturdy black box with a clear window on the front showing what’s inside. Various branding and manufacturer info are around the sides of the box along with an authentication scratch-off panel and usual safety certificates. The back shows a list of the contents and a few features of the included RTA.

Opening the box shows you everything on display, safely secured in place within a piece of foam. We have the RTA with he 2ml glass and smallest drip tip installed, 2x spare drip tips, 3x airflow pipes, 1x PEI 2ml tube, 1x 6ml PEI tube and 1x 6ml glass tube.

Removing the foam uncovers the user manual, coils, chimney section, bag of spares and QC card hidden away underneath.

The spares bag contains an array of o-rings, screws, grommets and an allen key for installing the coil.

Sat snugly in the foam are these 3 ‘airflow pipes’ as Vandy Vape calls them, which plug right into the 510 in the base and are used to change the amount of airflow from there. There are 3 sizes included in the box, 0.8mm, 1.4mm and 2.0mm. There is also a 1.2mm airflow pipe pre-installed in the RTA which gives 4 options for airflow. These can be changed at any time without any need to empty the tank or anything. Just remove from your mod, turn upside down, pull out the pin and push in a different one.
I preferred the 1.2mm pin myself but that is of course personal preference. With the 2.0mm pin fitted it is possible for a restricted DL vape but it is a little too restricted for me to use it that way.

These airflow pipes work in tandem with 2 small airflow slots in the base of the tank which cannot be adjusted. You can see one of these slots in the bottom of this image. There is of course also one on the opposite side:

I fitted the longer chimney and 6ml glass tube right away as a 2ml capacity is rather pointless in my opinion. There are 2 decently sized kidney shaped fill ports under the top cap which is easily removed with a quarter turn.

Here is the RTA with each of the 3 sizes of included drip tips fitted. I tried them all but preferred the smallest one so stuck with that:

Stripped down:

The RTA seems very well made with all parts well machined and fitting together very smoothly. The build deck is very easy to build on as it has a ring surrounding it which can be removed to allow cutting your coil legs after fitting. This ring has o-rings in place on it and it creates the juice well once fitted back in place and also has the juice flow channels in the side of it and creates space for the wick to be tucked into. The upper chamber section is domed inside and is also very well machined and super smooth. When assembled, this dome creates a seal with the ring on the build deck so all the juice is directed through the 2 small holes in the ring.

The bottom section/chamber:

Build deck with ring fitted and removed:

Build deck next to top section of the complete tank:

The Build:
It’s really simple to build on this RTA. due to easy access to the open build deck, hex screws which are always better than flathead screws. For these review images and initial testing I used one of the supplied coils:

Dry spots strummed out and cotton fitted:

Deck ring fitted and cotton tucked in place:

Ready to go! (yeah I know, I forgot a pic of the juiced up coil, I’m sure you can use your imagination :stuck_out_tongue:)

Overall I am impressed by the excellent build quality of this RTA, the amount of included extras for the price is also good. It’s very well designed and works well with the smallest airflow pin being quite a restrictive MTL draw and the largest pin being a very open MTL/RDL draw. I spent most of the time testing at around 20-35w but I have tried it up to 100w with zero issues or dry hits. It super easy to build on and a very smooth vape, even at 100w. I got very good flavour at all wattages used so it’s just a matter of finding the power level which suits your needs.


  • Excellent build quality and machining
  • 3 MTL Drip tips included of different sizes
  • 4 Air pipes included
  • Easy to build on with open build deck
  • Super smooth vape
  • 6ml Glass tube and also 6ml PEI tube both included along with both types in 2ml versions
  • Excellent flavour
  • Very well designed
  • Zero leaks during testing


  • Part of the airflow is non-adjustable but that may not bother you like it didn’t bother me
  • Having to remove the tank from the mod to change the airflow pins is a slight inconvenience for lazy people like me.

It’s a great tank. Very well deigned and executed. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for an MTL RTA. I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy using it every day even though I prefer DTL vaping. The flavour is very good. Not quite up there with the Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA but it isn’t far behind.

As always, thanks go out once again to Joyi from Sourcemore for supplying this RTA for the purpose of this review.

Joyi did supply me with a code so you guys can get a good discount but it is currently on sale at lower price on their site anyway but I did agree to post the code so here it is:

$24.89- Vandy Vape Berserker V3 (B3) MTL RTA
Code: V3BR

Thank you for reading!

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Nicely done @Illogik. Do you have any of the earlier Berserkers to compare this to ?


Thanks SD. No, this is my first unfortunately.


Roger that. I’ve got two of the previous iterations, and was wondering…


I don’t think you’d be disappointed to be honest. It is very good for the price.


Many times, newer models aren’t really improved or different. Will have to research it some. Thanks.


Thanks, Andrew! Nice job :ok_hand:


Thanks Brian :slight_smile:


Excellent review, being a Berserker fan I did buy this and wish I hadn’t so many excellent MTL RTA’s about and found this disappointing!


Thank you Tim :grinning: