Uwell Whirl 22 Thoughts?

I was sent this to have a try , and I have to say for what it wants to achieve with MTL it really is quite good! The 0.6ohm NiChrome coils are performing well and the unit is very solid.

Has anyone else tried these? What’s your opinion if so? :smiley:


Haven’t been an MTL vaper for over 5 or 6 years but i know @Grubby digs it, dont think hes tried one though…


The heat is killing me, to the point that I don’t even though if I’m a vaper anymore… need… oxygen…


I haven’t been a MTL vaper for a few years either, but it’s good for what it is :slight_smile:

And its even hotter today @Grubby! Best stay indoors :joy:

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