Uwell Aeglos P1 80W Pod Mod Kit 4ml - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Aeglos P1 Pod Mod Kit from Uwell. The Uwell Aeglos P1 Pod Mod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Sourcemore.

Uwell Aeglos P1 Kit 80W Pod Mod Kit


When Uwell released the original Crown sub-ohm Tank many considered it the tank to judge all others by but then they seemed to have a sketchy couple of years before the release of the Caliburn which once again saw Uwell much talked about but this time they followed the Caliburn with many well received products although I must admit I personally have not used many!

The Aeglos P1 Pod Mod combines a tubular form factor with classic C-frame allowing for a pull off spine for battery installation. It’s a power only simple device which has 2 different lock features and smart coil recognition to restrict the power dependant on the coils resistance. With a type C USB connection, 2A charge rate and coming in 5 different colour options lets check out the Aeglos PI Pod Mod!

In The Box


1* Aeglos P1 Device With 4ml Pod (2ml TPD)
1* FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 0.2ohm Aeglos P1 Coil(pre-installed, DTL)
1* FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 0.6ohm Aeglos P1 Coil(RDL + MTL)
1* Pack of O-rings
1* User Manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Aeglos P1 came in cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve with a raised picture on the front and contents etc on the reverse. The device has that Drag X form factor but is combined with a C-frame allowing the Leather covered spine to be removed for battery installation. A combination of Zinc Alloy and Aluminium is used for it’s construction and the colour choice refers to the colour of the Leather on the spine, I received the Olive Green, the options are Wine Red, Dark Blue, Olive Green, Reddish Brown or Saddle Tan.

The flattened face has a slightly protruding large square fire button top followed by a colour screen, underneath the screen we have a horizontal navigational rocker followed by a Type C USB port. Embossed onto one side of the Leather we have “AEGLOS” and on the opposite side “UWELL”. The base is featureless then moving up top we have a cylindrical collar with airflow slot either side, this collar is the bay for the tinted pod with integrated mouthpiece to be installed.

The curved spine and compact size allows the device to feel great in the hand! Even when vigorously shaking the device we have no rattle whatsoever, it’s a nice looking, well made device!

Aeglos Pod Mod Specs and Features:

Size: 122* 29* 34mm
Material: Zinc alloy & Aluminium Alloy & PCTG & leather
Battery: single 18650 battery(not included)
Wattage: 5-80W
Screen: 0.96 inch TFT color display
Charging: 5V/2A
Capacity: 4ml (2ml TPD)
Resistance: FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 0.2ohm Aeglos P1 Coil(45-52W)
FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 0.6ohm Aeglos P1 Coil(23-27W)
Internal chipset with multi protection
Airflow: Adjustable
Pro-FOCS flavour technology
Magnetic pod connection
Colour: Wine Red, Dark Blue, Olive Green, Reddish Brown, Saddle Tan

What You Receive?

Actually not a lot! The device comes with a pre-installed pod which in turn has a pre-installed 0.2ohm mesh coil installed and you also receive a 0.6ohm mesh coil. You then receive some spare O-rings for those coil heads and a manual and that’s it! You don’t even get a USB cable which fair enough most would probably already have a Type C to type 2 cable and also most would always charge externally but if you have a device with Type C connection and you are advertising 2A quick charging how about popping a cable inside the box!

The Pod

The Pod for the Aeglos P1 is rounded, tinted and one complete moulding including integrated mouthpiece. Most of the pod protrudes out of the device for good visibility of your juice so no issues there.

Looking at it’s circular base we have 3 evenly placed strong magnets and a silicone flap with fill port bung which stays attached when lifted. When the Silicone is lifted a generous fill port is exposed so most nozzles can be used for a quick, mess free fill, the standard pod holds 4ml of juice while of course the TPD pod holds 2ml.


At the base of the pod we have two protruding sections facing each other which will allow for airflow adjustment when turned against the airflow slots on the collar of the device.

Fitting The Pod

The Pod Bay looks quite different to other bays as it incorporates part of the condensation recycling system which Uwell have used for a while. We have an upper metallic shelf for the pod magnets to attract to and then the protruding sides of the pod slip down the outside of this shelf to line up on the same level as the airflow slots. We have that central condensation system fixed to the positive plate and to one side the raised negative.

The pod snaps into place and fits very securely, the design means the pod can be fitted without it needing to be lined up a certain way apart from making sure the protruding sections slot down into position, good design!


The Coils

With the Aeglos P1 we see the introduction of 2 new Aeglos coil heads which are the 0.2ohm mesh coil head rated between 45w to 52w and the 0.6ohm mesh coil head rated between 23w to 27w. The Aeglos P1 is also compatible with the previous Aeglos coil heads which are the 0.23ohm meshed coil head and the 0.8ohm coil head!

The base of the coil heads like the pod connection inside the device look a little different due to the Uwell condensation recycling system called the “Pro-FOCS flavour technology”!

The coil heads like so many of these pod mod coils just get press fitted into place!

The Airflow

I have used a couple of Pod Mods which give as good adjustability as the Aeglos P1 but they have been designs with an airflow ring fitted on the base of the coil head which means the pod needs removing from the device to adjust which can be inconvenient, instead the Aeglos P1 uses the same design as on the Voocean 80 from Oumier.

We have seen adjustable airflow attempted on a few pod mods without needing to remove the pod with the benchmark being the Drag X but the design on the Aeglos P1 works so much better, it works no different to dual adjustable bottom cyclops on a standard tank with the only difference being the outside slots remain stationary and it’s the pod itself that gets turned.

We have an airflow slot either side and then the protruding sections either side on the pod which are the same size as the slots. When the protruding sections are lined up with the slots airflow is fully closed and when the protruding sections are turned to allow the slots to be fully open we have full airflow. What Uwell have done so well is how the pod fits so securely yet can be turned with a perfect tolerance to adjust airflow.

The 510 Adaptor

Not included but available as a separate purchase there is a 510 adaptor! Personally due to not being able to turn off the coil recognition feature it wouldn’t interest me but who knows if there will be a future software upgrade that allows standard variable wattage with no upper limits right up to 80w! Also the high protruding collar on the device with a standard atomiser fitted would look quite funky!

Fitting The Battery

The Aeglos P1 has a C-frame with pull off spine for battery installation and the first thing I like is beneath the Leather covering the main material of the spine is metal not sure on the device which parts are Zinc Alloy and which are Aluminium as the device to me looks to be made from the same metal.

We have an hidden magnet towards the top but to be honest the precision fit is that snug I really don’t think it needs it as this spine is going nowhere and takes quite a tug to pull free. The device accommodates a single 18650 battery and once fitted we have no rattle or movement whatsoever!

The Display

I like the display on the Aeglos P1, it’s very well laid out with everything easy to read and it’s bright, sharp and colourful!

Top left we have the mode which is power as this is the only mode available, top right we have an horizontally positioned battery status bar. Below we have the wattage and then underneath a four digit puff counter. Moving to the bottom half of the display we first have Voltage followed by the Resistance and finally at the bottom vape duration.


Operating The Device

The Aeglos P1 is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on fire and left together locks the whole device while fire and right together locks just the navigational rocker. Pressing both sides of the navigational rocker at the same time resets the puff count and both sides of the rocker and fire together resets to factory settings, that’s it!

The device has a top wattage of 80w but it has smart coil recognition so limits the wattage dependant on the resistance so with the 0.6ohm coil installed it adjusts in 1w increments from 5w to 30w and then round robins back to 5w. When the 0.2ohm coil is installed it adjusts from 5w to 80w in 1w increments and again round robins.


Of course most would charge their battery in an external charger but if you do need to charge in the device we have a Type C USB connection and it’s claimed a 2A charge rate. Unfortunately if you do need to charge in the device or update the device in the future no cable is included which i get on one level but still has to be a con!

How It Vapes And Thoughts!

Starting with the pod I always find it a con when the drip tip can’t be removed so alternative drip tips can be used, after saying that the moulded mouthpiece on the included pod is a little narrower than with most of these round pods and quite comfortable. Again i don’t care much for bottom fill so needing to be removed from the device to fill but it’s usually the case with this style of pod and on the upside it can be filled quickly and mess free!

Some people who already have a collection of Type C to type 2 USB cables will probably not care less that no cable is included but i think it’s very poor, after all this could be someone’s first type C device, just unnecessary penny pinching! I usually like coil recognition on devices sometimes called smart wattage but only if there is an option to also run in standard variable wattage plus the coil recognition on the Aeglos P1 seems sketchy as the point of it is so you can’t run the wattage too high for the coil being used, when using the 0.6ohm coil it only allows the wattage to adjust up to 30w which is fair enough but then the 0.2ohm coil which is rated between 45w to 52w allows it to adjust right up to the full 80w, not being able to turn the coil recognition off would also put me off getting the available 510 adaptor!

Apart from the Caliburn i haven’t used any pods or tanks from Uwell so didn’t realise how good their sub-ohm coils are, flavour is right up there with Freemax and Horizontech coils and longevity is above average also. The 0.2ohm coil is suited to fully open airflow as that great flavour can suffer when adding some restriction, it’s a medium RDL draw, i found this best at 45w. The 0.6ohm is just slightly down on flavour fully open but this coil likes restriction so closing the airflow down to about a quarter open i found made this coil shine for a very restricted RDL draw, i found this best at 20w which is lower than it’s rating, for those interested if a MTL is possible then a very loose at best but not for me! One thing to point out is the airflow isn’t turbulent but is quite loud especially with the 0.2ohm coil head!

It’s also the first time i have come across Uwell’s condensation recycling system that’s seen with these coils and it was refreshing to not worry about a full pod of liquid being left overnight as I suffered no leaking or condensation either when left unattended or in use! The fire button is nice and clicky with a short travel and the device fires without delay, during testing I had no issues with performance!

The final con I have is I did charge a battery in the device to check things like pass-through vaping which it does support but noticed the charge rate was not even close to 2A I would estimate 1.5A max! Finally the simplicity of the devices operation will be liked by many along with it’s ergonomic shape and size!



Well made device
Nice looking and Ergonomic
5 colour options
2 different coils included
Compatible with previous Aeglos coil heads
Adjustable airflow (works very well)
Flavour from both coils excellent
Above average coil longevity
Condensation recycling system
Suffered no leaking or condensation
4ml Capacity (standard version)
Fires without delay, no performance issues
Clicky buttons with short travel
Simple user friendly device
Bright, sharp, colourful display
Snug fitting removable spine
Accommodates 18650 battery
Type C USB connection
Supports pass-through and upgrades


Coil recognition can’t be overridden
No Type C Cable included
Integrated Mouthpiece (but is quite comfortable)
Bottom Fill (Need to remove pod from device to fill)
Charge rate not as claimed
Loud Airflow

I would once again like to thank Sourcemore for supplying the Aeglos P1 Pod mod for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!

Uwell Aeglos P1 Kit 80W Pod Mod Kit

$26.81 - Uwell Aeglos P1 Kit & $8.34 Coils
Code: AEP1

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sourcemore or benefit in any way from the use of the above code but was asked if i would include it in my content!


I like the color option’s! To my eye, their a bit more laid back or natural looking. The shape of the device is appealing too! At this price point, if it weren’t for that wattage control, I could see myself scooping one of these up!
Nice work, Tim…thank’s :wink:


Yeah i wouln’t buy one unless a firmware upgrade allowed the coil recognition limitations to be able to get overridden either mate, a pity really because these coils are really good and pod mods that don’t leak are a novelty! You are right about the colour options, all really nice shades, not in your face!


Hey, don’t remember reading(too lazy to go back and look) :crazy_face: plus, your right there…will it fit a 25mm tank ‘clean’?


Don’t have the 510 adaptor but it looks like the collar is 24mm so it will be the same with the adaptor and with this design any hangover will really look bad!


Well, that put’s the kibosh to that mod…these companies HAVE to know that most sub-ohm tank’s are 25mm. I don’t get it…ohh well.


I think with Pod Mod though with them being quite low wattage MTL users would be more interested in using them with a 510 adaptor and they tend to be 22mm, 23mm or 24mm max! I just think manufacturers think most sub-ohm vapers when it comes to using standard tanks would prefer dual battery devices!


I get it…now! point taken :ok_hand:


Nicely done @Timwis probably the biggest 3 cons for me would be …


Great review, as always @Timwis, covering all the bases :call_me_hand: