Using Argon gas, and freezing to extend Nicotine Shelf life

Yo, yo, YO VC, I’ve actually received multiple requests here, and elsewhere, as to how I store my NIC. NOW, you do your OWN homework, and I know that Carolina Xtracts recommends NOT using a freezer, I do, and have done for years, and have years old NIC that is crystal clear, so I’m sticking with it.

I think the big issue Carolina Xtracts has with freezing, is the freeze/thaw negative impact on nic, which sounds legit, but doesn’t effect me.

I buy in liters or gallons, and break down ALL my NIC into large (for long term) and smaller (for useage) bottles, with conical caps. I DO top off ALL of the bottles with a shot of Argon gas, which is 100% food grade, inert, and MUCH heavier than oxygen, and nitrogen. This heavier gas creates a blanket, or barrier so the headspace (airspace) that you should be leaving in all your bottles, is Argon, instead of air, which WILL degrade your NIC. I ONLY use Art brand, as it is 100% Argon, which is MUCH heavier than oxygen/nitrogen, and therefore VERY easy to blanket in the heavier gas with a 1-2 second shot. Air is displaced, Argon sits on your NIC, cap it, tape it, freeze it, done.

Be CAREFUL if you are gassing your NIC, as there are CHEAPER “wine preserver” inert gas options, but MOST are Nitrogen, which is inert, but about the same weight as oxygen, therefore much harder to displace it. Spend the money, get 100% Argon, and food grade.

For my long term, I have an entire fleet of 500ml amber bottles, gassed, capped, and taped, in big ziplocks in a dedicated low temp, medical grade freezer. For use bottles, typically 60-120ml bottles gassed, capped, in smaller ziplocks, but once I break the seal on it, I do NOT re-gas, as it is a usage bottle. Whatever “damage” that will occur during freeze/thaw cycles for that small bottle do not effect me.

Keep your stuff air free, and low temp, AND, if you can, get a dedicated freezer (doesn’t have to be a low temp, or medical grade), that way it’s not being opened/closed every time someone needs ice cubes LOL. How much NIC you buy, and/or pay for your NIC will dictate how much you do to care for it. Vape safely, and if you have KIDS in the house, seriously consider a dedicated/lockable freezer.

Think inert gas, and/or freezing/ sub-freezing isn’t worth it ? How about some 2 year old NIC from Nude NIC, on gas, in the freezer for a test.


Smart idea.


The more research I do, the more it seems oxygen is the main culprit (assuming you keep it in a dark freezer that is).


This is a very good idea ,but I only keep small amounts at the time. Always in the fridge since day one. I have also discussed this topic with others as well. My reasoning was, I keep all my medication in the fridge.
If I do one day decide to get bigger batches of NIC and store it for long periods. This would be the way to go.


Air, heat, light, are the oxidizing devils as far as NIC goes. Do a check when you get to the end of your bottle, and see how clear the NIC is, and/or how clean or odorless it is.


True, I have a 10ml bottle with me at all times and this turns a different colour when it reaches about 5ml. I keep the bottle for the times I need to buck up in an emergency.


I use Bloxygen Argon

And it meets Military Specs :call_me_hand:

Bloxygen meets Mil Spec MIL-DTL-53072F, Detail Specification - Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) System Application Procedures and Quality Control Inspection, dated 31 May 2017 and the associated MIL-A-18455C, Military Specification, Argon, Technical, Dated 23 December 1986.


I don’t really know a whole lot a/b nicotine storage…, this is my bottle from LNW ~ Nov.19’…
Sat in my closet ever since I got it…, never changed color, or had an odor…, & it’s as clear as water & taste fine to this day… I think this was just luck though;(…