USA - Democrats urge FDA to clear market


Hehe, I HOPE everyone who voted for D, is paying attention to this, on top of everything ELSE that’s been done, or attempted thus far.


Party of the People, my ass!


Ok let’s not fall into opinion politics here or the thread will go.
I think it is safe to say that governments are not really supportive of vaping no matter what side of the isle they are on.


This came from yet another forum… will just add it here… even tho it is for Canada…

We need your help

To all of our Canadian customers, we need your help. We don’t ask for a lot, but we are asking you to take 30 seconds and fill out this form.
Here’s what’s up:

Whether you currently vape or no longer do, this should be an important issue in your life. It’s about public health, saving lives and respecting the choices and freedoms of adult Canadians.

The Canadian government is considering banning flavours in all vaping products. Of course, this is our business and our livelihood, but we only got into it because we used to smoke and this technology helped us quit.

By their own admission, Health Canada estimates that if flavours are banned in these products, hundreds of thousands of people will simply go back to smoking. Smoking kills 1 in 2 people, and whether you like vaping or not, it is a far less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes. That’s hundreds of thousands of lives in the balance over silly politics.

Harm reduction and good public health decisions are something we should all stand for as Canadians and above all else, even if you despise vaping, you should defend the rights for adults to make choices for themselves about how they choose to live.

The form is simple, enter your name and address and it will automatically message your MP.

There are two message options:

One if vaping has helped you quit smoking, and another if you stand for public health, harm reduction and individual liberty.

We can stop this potential disaster if we make our voices heard and I am pleading with you to add yours.

I appreciate the support from our non-Canadian friends, families and customers, but this only works if you’re Canadian. Please do not fill this out if you’re not Canadian, and please do not fill it out multiple times - doing either of these things will hurt our cause.

Shai B.

Visit to fill out the form.


Seems like the idea is spreading… someone really needs to nip it in the cloud!


That’s exactly what they are aiming for. :nauseated_face:


What I don’t get is that both Canada and Australia are part of the Commonwealth which used to take it’s lead from Britain/UK. Why are both of us totally disregarding and nullifying the research and statistics shown by the UK on vaping, and instead following the lead of the US in response to this?

I know it is all about the financial flow on effects of cigarette smoking, but FFS surely the UK could actually help with a Commonwealth country policy or stance consistency considering they are leading the way in harm reduction.