Unicorn Hunting - The search for flavor

So once in a while we all probably need to get hold of a flavor based on a certain profile we’re after. And depending on what that is, the search could be fairly simple or especially complex. I think the reason for that is how difficult it is to describe flavor so that others can help. But the outcome could end up being worth the effort. So I’ll throw a description of what I’m looking for and see what this fine community has to offer.

I’m looking for a flavor that would probably be considered an enhancement rather than a standalone flavor. But not looking for a chemical additive. This flavor would provide the kind of semi-sweet, syrupy taste of say the juice from canned fruit. I’m looking for that cool moistness, fairly neutral in taste so that it would compliment pretty much any fruit without adding actual flavor. Because this can be so hard to put into words, let me say that when I think of this, my mind latches on to canned pears packed in syrup - aloe also comes to mind. I’ve tried cucumber - too musky. Tried cactus - too sharp and acidic.

Any ideas? Anything you’re looking for?


My knowledge is limited compared to others
but replying to bump topic and suggest dragon fruit??


TPA Dragonfruit is about as close as I’ve found for my target. Great minds think alike! However, it gets lost in a mix really easy, being unable to stand up to many other flavors - which is why I think it gets used at 10% by a lot of mixers. But I like your thinking. Other dragon fruit flaves I’ve tried have a kind of tartness that I want to avoid.


I always found FA’s Liquid Amber does a pretty decent job of “enhancing” fruit but the mouthfeel and the sweet syrupy liquid are absent.


For me, and in the FLV range so far…
(Note: Cactus [Aloe heavy] is not out yet… might be in a few weeks!)
My measurements is based on my 30ml bottles…

Apple Cider… similar to other “Amber” liquids… 1-6 drops works for me
Dragonfruit for a wet effect, 1-3 drops
Pear from 1 drop up to .2%
Wild melon 1-6 drops for wetness. Some hints of a tinned or canned effect as it ages

I’m seriously craving a spiced something… but I lack the time today to mix.

Good thread @SthrnMixer :smiley:


Thanks Smoky. I went ahead and popped in a tiny bit of df and wm. Surprised by their effect together and this might well be the right path. I’ll report back more in a few days.


Interested in the recipe… I have a few kicking around too. :carousel_horse: :red_car:
Looks like the flv flavors… if I am lucky and the mailman is feeling frisky, I might have it tomorrow…
If not… Monday… ugg! haha! :smiley:


I was going to suggest what @SmokyBlue did with the dragon and pear.


You’ve heard me mention it before. Juice I’m trying to clone is called Picasso’s Palette from a Canadian company, One Last Drop. It’s got to be my absolute favorite commercial juice of all time.

Here’s where I am now.


I’ll bet you a nickel it would be so much easier if I just added a bunch of sweetener. You know how most commercial juices are just loaded with it. But I’ve chosen to stay the course and avoid that crap as much as possible.


Try some frosting in it… eh… .4% you could bump that to .6% and see what you think… maybe??


I had thought about that but Frosting always comes across dry to me, which is 180 degrees away from what I’m looking for.


hmm… I don’t get dry from frosting but another workaround is an oldie… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cotton Candy… if you have flv… I would run it at .6%

You could add in a strawberry too, but i’d keep it low, unless you want to taste it too in the recipe…

For FLV Strawberry… I’d use it at like .4%

If you aim at putting sweetener in it… up to you… :slight_smile: You might end up doing just that. :yum: :upside_down_face: :tada:


The new FLV Pearesto might work for this …I have only tested it at 1 pct and thats the vibe I am getting …At 1 pct the Pear flavor stands out well so maybe dropoing it lower may help…Even if it isnt what yiur looking for this Flavor should get lots of love from Pear lovers