Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the GAEA 200W 21700 Box MOD from Ultroner and Fallout Vape. The GAEA 200W 21700 Box MOD was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Sacowin, Ultroner’s marketing partner!




Ultroner are known for their affordable stabwood devices and long standing partnership which has now expired with Asmodus and since have bean releasing some affordable stabwood devices independently one of which was the 200W Gaea!

The dual 21700 version of the Gaea see’s Ultroner team up with Fallout Vape who are part of Ecigone here in the UK! This version keeps the same form factor and basic design but is just slightly bigger and uses more affordable materials for it’s construction. The Gaea is a power only device having no temp control but does come with Wattage, Voltage and Bypass modes, but no bells and whistles settings. Although this version is not stabwood (ABS & Zinc Alloy) it still looks very nice (in my opinion) and feels great in the hand having the same G-Class form factor and a nice non slip texturing to the ABS, let’s give it a look!

In The Box



1 x Type C USB Cable
2 x 18650 adaptors
4 X Rubber textured inlays
1 x User manual

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Gaea 21700 comes in a flip open cardboard box but unlike the original 18650 stabwood version no viewing window but a picture of the solid colour options on the box. I received the Black version, the options are Green, Red, Gun Gray or Black, their are also two transparent options, clear or a smoked! What surprises me about this 21700 version is it’s height is actually 1mm shorter than the dual 18650 original although it’s other dimensions are slightly bigger. Despite having a main body made of ABS the Gaea isn’t super lightweight as the shell is thick and we have the base, top, battery door, front protruding front and buttons all made of Zinc Alloy. Even so i have reviewed a few dual 21700 devices recently and if their was one i would find light enough to carry around with me it would be this!

It has a very ergonomic oval shape much like the G-class and has a protruding Zinc Alloy face plate underneath which the PCB is fitted. The main body is thick ABS which has a textured feel, we also have a large pill shape indentation either side where you can stick on supplied rubber panels (you get 4, 1 for each side and 2 spare) but i prefer it without, looking at the pictures and that also for other colours the contents just list 2 spare i believe it’s only the Black version that doesn’t have them already stuck in place!


On the rear of the device we have “GAEA” carved into the ABS which i much prefer to printed branding and also shows that the shell is very thick. On the face plate we have a protruding round Zinc Alloy fire button top which is followed by a decent sized colour screen, we then have horizontally positioned pill shaped Zinc Alloy navigational buttons (again they protrude) and finally at the bottom a Type C USB port. The base is the battery door which has branding and safety marks, moving up top we have a small stainless Steel plate. The 510 plate appears to sit flush but if you run your finger across you can feel it’s raised an hair which is just enough to protect the surface while giving no visible gaping, the 510 is spring loaded.

All the Zinc Alloy sections including buttons are Black on all colour options and the buttons have Silver metallic edging which is a small detail that really looks great. Saying a device is high build quality when it’s mainly plastic seems strange but that’s exactly the situation here as for me it really looks and feels high quality!


Comparison Between Original Dual 18650 Gaea and New Dual 21700 Version


Gaea 21700 Mod Specs and Features:

Size: 89 x 48 x 38mm
Wattage: 5-200W
Material: ABS & Zinc Alloy
Chipset: SEVO-200C
Working Mode: VW, VV, Bypass
Input Voltage: 6.6V-8.4V
Static Current: 0.12mA
Display: 0.96-inch LED full color display
Output Voltage Range: 1V-8V
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3.0ohm
Battery Type: Dual 21700/2070018650 battery (not included)
No overhang with tanks of 33mm diameter
Type C USB
Centred 510 thread
Solid Colours: Green, Red, Gun Gray, Black
Transparent: Clear, Smoked


Weight without batteries: 118g
Weight with pair of 21700’s: 261g

Fitting The Batteries

The batteries get fitted via the bottom hatch door and the device comes with 2 clear 18650 adaptors pre-installed so if you wish to install 21700 or 20700 batteries they need sliding out first.


When the hatch door is open it does have a little movement but it needs it for the hinged design to fasten and feels solid enough. It has quite a thick metal latch which uses the pressure from the batteries to stay securely in place, once the batteries are fitted this door is not opening on it’s own accord and we have no movement or rattle whatsoever, very good job! My only slight con is orientation is Black on Black and no markings at the bottom of the tubes so wish these were Bright White, i say slight con when i normally hammer poor visibility of marked orientation and that’s because the “-” & “+” are very big so they can still be seen easy enough!


The Display

The Gaea has a colour screen which is bright, sharp and very well laid out giving all the needed information and is easy to read. At the top of the display we have the 2 battery status bars one either side with a padlock to show if the device is locked or unlocked between.

Underneath all information has a central orientation, first we have the mode then underneath either the wattage or voltage depending which mode you are in. Next we have the resistance followed by either volts (when in wattage mode) or watts (when in voltage or bypass modes), this is followed by the puff count. Finally at the bottom of the display we have a vape time progress bar which fills while vaping up to 10 seconds. Ultroner have used colour well on the display making the display aesthetically pleasing without going overboard giving a too busy appearance, very nice!


Navigating The Gaea

The Gaea is powered by the SEVO-200 chip which has been designed for simplicity, intuitive operation and efficiency. To turn the device on and off is 5 clicks of the fire button and once on pressing both navigational buttons together locks the device completely so it won’t fire. You can’t just lock the navigational buttons which i wish was an option as the buttons protrude but decent force is needed when adjusting the navigational buttons so i can’t see wattage being altered by accident.

The device’s screen turns off after 15 seconds of inactivity which is done along with the simplicity of the board to help with efficiency and i don’t mind this at all because after taking a vape 15 seconds is plenty long enough to read and take in whatever information you want from the screen and when firing from standby the device still fires instantly with no delay whatsoever.

To change modes you need to click the fire button 3 times in quick succession (if you have an atomizer up top you will hear it firing, this fires very quickly). Each 3 clicks takes you to the next working screen, the Gaea has 3 working modes which are Wattage, Voltage and Bypass.

The only other feature available is the puff counter which can be reset or you can set a limit, to access the puff counter press the fire and down buttons together which automatically resets it, if that’s all you wanted to do press fire to continue vaping or you can use the navigational buttons to set a limit before pressing fire. That’s it! a user friendly menu with no bells and whistles for those that like to keep things nice and simple.

Wattage adjusts in 1W increments from 5W right up to 200W and round robins while Voltage adjusts in 0.1 increments from 1.0V up to 8.0V and also round robins.



Groundhog Day again as i say “i don’t recommend charging in the device unless it’s your only option” but if you do the Gaea 21700 version has Type C USB for charging and firmware upgrades. There is no mention of the charge rate but i did test to find it doesn’t support pass-through!

My Experience Using The Gaea 21700 Version and Thoughts!

The 21700 version of the Gaea must be the best quality plastic device i have used to date but to be fair there is quite a bit of Zinc Alloy on show and it’s made extremely well!

I tend to use single battery devices when out and about but found the Gaea to be a very comfortable device to carry about with it’s ergonomic shape and not too heavy. I am not going to invent cons just to please people, i really just can’t find anything negative to say with any cons simply being the nature of the device like it doesn’t have loads of settings or TC but then that’s the point it’s a simple power device that just works well!

The fire button is in a nice position and very easy to find and the device fires instantly with excellent ramp up, the Sevo chip might be simplistic in nature but it does an awesome job with all wattage’s i vaped at seeming very accurate and resistances reading on par when comparing to one of my DNA devices, i also like that it adjusts in 1W increments. I like that it’s three quick clicks of the fire button to move between working modes making it simple to operate and my only real moan is not having the option to just lock the navigational buttons rather than the whole device.

I found the Gaea to be very efficient so when paired up with dual 21700 batteries battery life is superb and it also gives high performance. The Gaea will accommodate up to 33mm atomizers without overhang and does support on board charging and upgrades but no idea of the charge rate but i am pleased it has a Type C USB port!



Excellent build quality
Solid Colours and Transparent finishes
Textured finish
Rubber inlays including spares
Aesthetically pleasing
Ergonomic compact shape
Easy to find fire button
Fired instantly with impressive ramp up
Wattage, Voltage and Bypass modes
Really nice vibrant colour display
Wattage’s and resistances accurate
Efficient simple device
Accommodates up to 33mm atomizers without overhang
Very secure battery door
Accommodates either dual 21700, 20700 or 18650’s (with supplied adaptors)
High powered device, good battery life, high performance
Adjusts in 1W increments
Type C USB
Firmware Upgradeable


No TC or bells and whistles settings (but that’s the point of this simple device)
Can’t lock just navigational buttons only the whole device
It can be seen easy enough but i would still prefer battery orientation labelled in Bright White!
Doesn’t support pass-through

I would once again like to thank Sacowin for supplying the ULTRONER X FALLOUT VAPE GAEA 200W 21700 Box MOD for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!



Thanks for that good review Tim. :+1:


Good review. Really like that mod

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Another awesome review Tim

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Another great review @Timwis. You wont get any pushback on 21700 mods from me !!!

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Got this and the VX217 in the pipeline @Timwis so I’m purposely not reading these reviews mate, didn’t want you to think I was ignoring them :wink:


Can’t argue with a couple of dual 21700 mods mate, they have had the boring version and can look forward to your more entertaining run down !! Have you got the Alieno in the pipeline too?


I haven’t mate no, single bat devices aren’t really my cup of tea you know…I’m too fussy I know :laughing:


Gorgeous little device you could of gave it a write up and then found it a good home!


well, I wasn’t offered it anyway :man_shrugging:


Call me rude but i always ask lol! They can only say no but say yes more often than that bank that use to claim it! :sunglasses:


Excellent review, @Timwis thank you. I want a 2x21700 mod…


Be careful @gus-gus, I was a late adopter. They do seem to rock quite a bit longer than 2X18650’s.


Really depends on if you like plenty of settings and like a play then the VX217 but if just as a device more practical to carry around then the Gaea as it’s much lighter. Both give very good performance!

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Fwiw, I have seen other devices that have a SEVO 200 chip modified to use a DNA 250C. All it really needs is a middle button added.

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Good review mate!
I guess you’ll get a few more responses to your other reviews.