Ultimate strawberry-Jungle Flavors

First of all, I must say Flavor Jungle is an awesome co. to do business with. Everytime I’ve purchased from them, it seems I blink, and the product is in my mailbox! Ordered a 30ml on the morning of Tues 10-12, and I’m testing this wonderful concentrate 3 day’s later. That’s order received, packaged, and sent on a 3,150mi. trip across the US in a little over 36hrs.

@SteveTC put a recipe up on another site using this new strawberry, and I wanted to try it! WOW it’s good!

Began testing at 1.5%, and ended up at 5% with a plump, juicy, sweet, ripe strawberry. It started out very thin, and underwhelming at the low end, with not much sweetness, but scaled up nicely, filling out after the 3.5% mark.

No off note’s detected, and really enjoyable on it’s own, I’d bet that there’s easily another 1-2% of headroom left to push it higher! Once you have this in your possession(you KNOW you will :wink: I mean it’s STRAWBERRY :drooling_face: right :laughing:) I’m sure the community would love to hear a better detailed
description than I’ve offered.

I also mixed, and GC’d the aforementioned recipe(The ultimate strawberry donut), and will be dipping into that as soon as I finish this tester up!

EDIT: Uhhh…3 day’s is 72hrs…D’ohh :roll_eyes:


This is a keeper and accurately described, Brian.

Thank you for trying the ultimate strawberry donut. I hope you like it. I am very interested to hear how it’s turning out with the GC.


I’ve got the Ultimate inbound, and will have to check that out @SteveTC.


I’m finding, over time(using my GC), that most all mixes with bakeries need a few day’s. Right now at about 24hrs since mixing, the strawberry, and zeppola are forward. It will be interesting to see if this strawberry fade’s at all. I’ll update this in a couple of day’s, Steffen.

@SteveTC , it’s been 5 day’s since mixing, and GC’ing your recipe. It’s good, but when I make a bigger bottle, I’ll probably bump the Zeppola up a little, and drop the Cookie down a whisker. I will give this tester some more time to sit before making that decision though. Nice job! :+1:


It will be interesting to hear your thought’s on this one, @SessionDrummer ! I’ve gone through nearly the whole 25ml tester!


Oh yes, you damn will WILL.