UK to eradicate smoking by 2030

According to an article on, the UK government has made a public pledge to put an end to smoking in England by 2030 in a recently issued green paper.

The document proposes a range of measures designed to tackle the preventable causes of ill health and to promote physical activity, healthy sleep patterns and more.

Currently, men and women in the UK spend over a fifth of their lives in ill health: 19 years for women and 16 for men.

In order to bring those numbers down, the paper proposes a set of measures, some of which are targeting smokers. For instance, any smoker admitted to a hospital will be automatically offered help to quit. The measures described in the paper are meant to complete the steps that have already been consulted on, including:

Clearer calorie labeling in cafes, restaurants, and takeaways

A ban on junk food advertising before 21:00

Banning the sale of energy drinks to children

Right after the paper’s release, it has received quite a bit of criticism. One of the main points for which the paper was criticized was the lack of commitment to introduce a levy on tobacco firms to pay for stop smoking services - something which had been called for a number of times.

Earlier, the UK government has also announced plans to create a smoke-free society - with smoking rates close to zero - by 2025. Currently, 14% of adults in the UK smoke.

The UK is generally known for its favorable approach to vaping, which is speculated to have been a strong contributor to the drop in the number of smokers in the country. And, according to a recent survey by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), an estimated 3.2 million adults in Great Britain are now using electronic cigarettes. Public Health England has also issued a statement saying that vaping is 95% less risky for one’s health than smoking.


Didn’t realize America and the UK were neck and neck with smoking rates, both are at 14% for reference.


I’ve had a huge amount of state funded help in Scotland to quit smoking.
My last smoke was 30.07.19.
It’s been a great help, but it has been vaping that has, ultimately, allowed me to quit cigarettes.
I cannot understand why vaping is being so restricted in the US when it is such a benefit to smokers who want to give up tar and CO2 coffin nails.
Especially when cannabis laws are being relaxed in more and more states… :astonished:


Cause the US has a deal with the tobacco industry (MSA), not with the cannabis industry.
It’s all about the $$$$$


Is that like the US elections, chuff all about policies, most $$$s wins?

Clinton or Trump was a text book Hobson’s choice.

Richest, biggest capitalist society on the planet, and you have one of the worst political systems going…greenbacks rule! :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Here is some relevant info on the MSA it also touches on thc lung illnesses but a google search will give you a bunch of info on why things are as they are ion the usa but pretty much comes down to some of the states in the usa will go bankrupt if everyone stops smoking


Very interesting read, but has confused me further.
The more I read, and the more I understand how the US governance operates, the more parallels I see with communism, hidden behind a veil of capitalinsm.
Guns, oil, and tobacco still seem to control everything.
Only real change is the slavery trade. Once it was Afro-Carribeans, legally, now it appears to be Hispanics and Asians, illegally.
In 2020, how can the ‘leader of the free world’ still be intrinsically racist?


You forgot one very important one > Pharma.

Unfortunately more and more governments around the world are corporation controlled the golden rule he who has enough gold makes the rules - I know the Australian government is pretty much on a mission to screw the people over in favour of big business.


[quote=“Captain_Grey, post:7, topic:1535”]
Once it was Afro-Carribeans, legally,

Still is legal, as long as they are in prison. That’s why they get locked up for next to nothing.


I’m not sure those are fair statements to make, actually. American politics is a mess, and corporate greed is a mess, but the general population is not a bunch of bloodthirsty racists. Remember that everything you read in the media is biased in some way at all times…


Maybe we should get this one back on the tracks with the thread heading.


New Zealand have a plan to eradicate smoking by 2025.
However, eradicate in NZ means to get smoking down to a very low level, like less than 5%.
Another however, NZ are also going to legalize marijuana, which mostly, is smoked, so that upsets the apple cart a little.
So we will all watch and see.


Criticisms were aimed at “those in charge”. Americans that I have met have been some of the nicest people going.
Have a nice day ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry. :pensive: