UK Government Doubles Down on Vaping

Some good news on the vaping front!


vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial health benefits

It’s a no brainer… Glad they are waking up to this, I was actually told by a smoking cessation nurse that they were thinking of introducing E-Cigs in their treatment back in 2015, I guess they had to do their research first.


I spoke to DrChud last night, he’s so involved with all the advocacy stuff, he had a quick gander over here and said he’s gonna pop in, add some stuff when he gets chance :wink:


Whilst we all know that nothing in life is 100% safe, and I include vaping, we can reduce our risks considerably.
its a choice we make. My choice was to give up the cigarettes, easily 30-40 a day for me. I enjoyed them, even the taste. Addicted, you bet I was but my turning point was during my last home move where I really struggled for breath carrying items up stairs. Had to stop more than once to get my breath back, and yes I obviously lit another cig up in the process of my breather! I literally had that light bulb moment where I thought sod this, if I continue like this I will end up like my late father who passed away a few years back due to smoking. Not pretty to witness and heartbreaking. My answer at the time? Light a cig to compose myself!
Well during my light bulb moment I knew I had to find an alternative that would work for me.
Tried patches,gum even the controversial Champex at one point. Nothing worked long term for me. I even tried the cigs likes when they came on the market, again they just filled in between smokes!
But what was that guy at work smoking on?
It produced a shitload of ‘smoke’ and he was always raving about the taste!
Worth a try, so he advised me on a wee set up, basically a Kangertech mini, and that was me and I’ve never looked back since.
Got into mixing as I grudged paying the money for some average liquids.
My point of this ramble is that vaping has improved my life 10 fold.
I no longer get as out of breath, I accept I will never have the lungs of a teenager but I have noticed a big improvement.
I’m just glad that out government and health officials have stayed true to their research and stuck to facts without being swayed by any external influence, namely the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies and called it as they see fit. Ok their not perfect and it is taking time but it could be worse as our cousins across the pond are unfortunately experiencing.
Sorry for the long winded ramble but my point is if we, the average guy,and gal, on the street are experiencing the change in our health through vaping then it’s only fair that the governing bodies sit up and take notice to encourage more smokers to ditch the cigs for vaping as it seems like it’s proving to be the most effective method to quit.
The only downside is that I can envisage taxation further down the line,but that’s a small price to pay, well I think so,as opposed to the alternative Sources!
Oh and DIY is a rabbit hole that can easily eat up our hard earned savings! LOL