UK DIY assistance

Last year we went to visit my wife’s family in the UK. Had a family wedding and I’ve never met her family so spent some time meeting everybody.
We really enjoyed our time there and decided to move to the UK to be nearer to her family.

Been back in South Africa 6 months now and really enjoying DIY, but only buying concentrates as I need them. I have a few questions I hope I am allowed to ask.

  1. I mix with 100mg nic, is it illegal to bring it over with me? Ie possession of 100mg nic?
  2. When you guys DIY, are the 18mg one shots the only way you can add nic? They seem pretty expensive. I can get 100ml 100mg for between £10 and £20 depending on the brand
  3. For one shots and concentrates, where is the best place to shop online? I have seen the link to the one Shot shop in pugsleys reviews here.
  4. Is their a recommended nic brand here? I use prime nic and a local nic. I don’t like scrawny nic.

I’m going to be coming over in November and am wanting to order before I arrive so I can hit the ground running. I’ll be gifting all my scales and equipment to a friend here in SA to get him started.

Thank you in advance!

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Even if it’s assistance via pm i’d greatly appreciate it

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