True Life Flavors' Seedless Watermelon

I have been vaping and probably mixing for far too long, it seems. It’s invading my life. I had a piece of watermelon along with the ol’ PBJ with lunch today, and I actually critiqued the flavor of it. In my mind I told myself “this is natural but kind of weak for me. Maybe some cotton candy would help.” Then I realized what I was doing and shook my head at me.

It was a real piece of watermelon!! What the hell? I literally thought about how I could make it sweeter and a little more powerful. I need an intervention.


When I try something new I do tend to think…hmmmm, wonder how I can turn that into a ejuice…lol. I don’t think I have ever thought to make an actual food better with cotton candy but now you have me thinking :joy:


Hahahaha, intervention indeed!

Funny though, because I have often tasted something and thought about how it could make a nice vape, crispy bacon buttys for example… :thinking:

Vapers, the future flavour connoisseurs…


Came to read about “a new flavor manufacturer”…
Delightfully disappointed! :rofl: :thumbsup:


Seedless are hybrids anyway. The old fashioned watermelons with the fat black seeds have way more flavor. :smile: Yes I do this all the time with tea. I make a lot of different herbal teas with juices and soda mixed in. I’ve used up a lot of fruity vape flavors that weren’t working in e-juice but they were pretty nice in tea and/or soda.