Train keeps a rollin

Within the last year we have had some of the most severe weather I can recall in my nearly 7 decades. The State of Indiana ranks 3rd for tornado watches which nearly always originate in Oklahoma and “train” across Missouri ,Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Yesterday Tornado’s (still counting) ripped through Indiana and Ohio and thankfully no lives were lost. Pics below are from my area and again thankfully they missed me by about ten miles. I had about 3 inches of rain in less than 2 hours.

I don’t know how many here are familiar with this type of destruction so I thought I would post a couple of local pics:


I would shit a brick having to deal with that extreme weather, my heart goes out to those who lose their livelihoods / lives to the devastation


Dayum, that looks bad. I’m not familiar with that kind of weather, we don’t get tornado’s here and looking at your pics I can’t say that I mind :relieved:

I was put on the wrong foot by the title of your topic, trains and other public transport are on strike today in the entire country so not keeps a rollin at all.


Y’all keep’em battened down.


We do. The last 11 days (May 17-27) have produced a stunning amount of severe weather, including more than 350 preliminary tornado reports and massive flooding.

Sadly I have to correct the post. One death has been reported. In Celina Ohio a man died when a car was flung into his home as he slept.

You do the same. This same weather pattern has persisted for weeks. Coming right at your area from Texas/ Oklahoma on up. The farmers can’t plant and even if they could get their machinery into the fields, the crops will fail. The ground is saturated.

Good news is that this pattern is finally supposed to end after the next few days. I’m under a watch again today.:weary:

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Probably don’t speak much hillbilly there either huh?:laughing:


None at all :sunglasses:
Not much hill to speak of here mind.
I remember cycling through Amsterdam forest once and there was a sign saying, hill :arrow_right: so I cycled that way looking for the hill and got to a sign saying, hill :arrow_left:
I’ve been going up and down that road quite a few times before I discovered the tiny slope that they dared call a hill :mountain:

Sorry to hear you’ve had to correct your post. I hope things clear up over there pretty soon.


Stay safe my friend, that is some scary stuff.


Thanks. I have a place to get underground so I’m relatively safe. Sometimes these things give little to no warning so we don’t hesitate. Property damage is another matter and I’ve been hit over and over this year by high winds and water damage. Nevertheless, I’m lucky compared to many.

I assume everyone in the US heard about the Lawrence/Kansas City/Missouri tornadoes last night. Now 13 days of what the weather ex spurts claim is basically the same weather system caused by an anomaly in the jet stream causing these repetitive storms. Don’t know but the sooner they end the better. That KC storm hit me about 4AM. Just rain though.

The same damned system has formed again in Texas/Oklahoma which will hit me about 5AM tomorrow. “Train kept a rollin…all night long.” :laughing: Seems I have an old song stuck in my head.



Well round 2 just literally rolled through here brother! (Heads up for nickle sized hail and flash floods)


Yeah buddy. That same storm will likely get here about 2:30. Earlier than I thought this morning though it and the rest of it may stay south of me. I guess another long night for me.

Tornadoes out the ass in Texas DFW area and heading north. Those should miss both of us. Check this out:

Good news. The weather geeks are reporting a change in this bizarre weather pattern. I rely on a blog called Category 6 at Weather Underground and these people stay on top of whats happening and have been very accurate. From today’s “Another Day of Severe Weather Kills Two, But a Pattern Change is at Hand” :
NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) logged 24 preliminary reports of tornadoes across four states on Wednesday, along with 45 reports of large hail and 210 reports of high winds. That brings the total number reported (not confirmed) tornadoes since May 17 to 402, and the total number of tornado, large hail, and high wind reports to 2779–an astonishingly high number of severe weather events for a two-week time span.

caused by an unusually cold and persistent upper low in the western U.S. combined with a strong ridge of high pressure that brought record May heat over the Southeast U.S. A powerful jet stream ran south of the upper low and north of the high, bringing energy and spin to the thunderstorms that formed each day, thereby creating spinning supercell thunderstorms that spawned tornadoes. This pattern is weakening and shifting, which will allow the Southeast U.S. to cool, the Western U.S. to warm, and the Midwest U.S. to experience dryer and less stormy weather.


Well… Round 3 last night was another barrel of fun (not!). Pea sized hail and an hour or two later massive torrential downpours.

Yeah. We’ve had a couple of these since my last post. It’s like standing under a firehose. The difference here was that the rain comes vertically straight down rather than coming horizontal with unbelievable wind force.

I guess I may have inadvertently focused on the destructive force of all those tornadoes when in truth the massive rainfall and flooding makes that a flyspeck in comparison. The Morganza spillway (Louisiana) is set to open for the 3rd time in history and the upstream flooding is huge.

But even that doesn’t cover what IMO can have global impact. The farmers can’t plant and I think that it is being under reported while the huge area affected is some of the most productive farmland in the world.

IMO food prices will go through the roof while farm foreclosures and bankruptcies will make matters worse. I’d very much like to be mistaken.


Mother Nature can be ruthless! Sorry you guys are getting hammered down there, I can’t believe the tornadoes! We’ve had two or three ( that I know of ) touch down so far locally, which might not sound that bad to you guys but it’s rare here. One about 7 miles from me. We just installed a safe room in the house recently so the closet isn’t finished.

It’s bolted down to a 7×7×4 ft concrete stab so it’s not going anywhere! Feel a whole lot safer in the house. Would definitely recommend one if you don’t have one already. We used it Saturday when we had a storm blow in and I would suggest plenty of light and a couple battery operated fans. All we had was a flashlight and cell phones for light and it got claustrophobic and stuffy so a fan would of been nice!

Very wise and very nice. Ours is ol skool root cellar type.

LED light strips last a long time on batteries alone.


I remember when I was a kid I was very jealous of people who lived in regions where they had tornadoes, they looked so pretty.
We just had some boring wind.
Nice being a kid eh, not being hampered by any knowledge :exploding_head:


Damn, I am glad we don’t live anywhere where the wind is that bad - I have thought about a bush fire bunker they are a little more expensive than hopping in the car and pissing off to the lake 500metres away so I haven’t bought one.


Jose - watches Wizard of Oz
Jose - moves to Kansas
Jose - sees a real tornado
Jose - moves back home
Jose is smart :joy::joy::joy:


You should have one for those gigantic spiders you have running around. Fuck those things! I’ll deal with the wind lol