Toffee recommendations

Looking to make a nice toffee juice and was wondering what concentrates you guys would recommend to make the nicest toffee.

I currently have:

FLV Toffee
VTA English Toffee
TPA English Toffee
SSA Toffee

Does anyone know if any combo of these would work to make a nicer toffee?

Also, feel free to recommend any ‘must have’ toffee concentrates you think I should get.



I can’t tell you much about the TPA Toffee as I don’t have that one. But my go to would be VTA English Toffee it’s more of the hard nutty style toffee like you would find in a heath bar. FLV Toffee is slightly darker type toffee, but it makes a great accent at low %, I start to get coffee notes over 1%. I recently got the SSA Toffee and it seems promising. To me it seems like a little softer type toffee. I’ve had success with making a toffee cookie with VTA Butter Toffee Base to flavor the cookie and VTA English Toffee for hard toffee bits.


Thanks, I’ll add the VTA butter toffee base to my list. I haven’t tried the SSA Toffee yet but from your description it sounds like it could become a favourite.