Tobacco Vendor Blend

OK, aside from the un-burnt cigarette flavored juice I tried when I first vaped, I have never vaped a tobacco flavored juice. I’ve read a lot of threads about them, but never followed any closely.

I would like to try one, but I don’t want to buy a bunch of concentrates to build one, at least not first.

What I am looking for is a pipe tobacco flavor… Something sweet, earthy, vanilla noted… the kind I used to love smelling when Dad took us to the pipe tobacco stores when I was a kid.

Anyone have a preferred vendor juice they like?

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You could try Inawera’s Vanilla for Pipe.

I’ve never been called that before :rofl:


If you would meet me in person you’d realise I’m no authority and neither am I a flower :laughing:


Why does that sound like the spider talking to the fly?


So, these are all concentrates… Anyone buy a vendor juice already mixed?

As for concentrates, the site I usually use has:

Coumarin Pipe (FW)

Desert Ship (HS)

DK Tobacco Base (TFA)

Highway (HS)

Latakia Tobacco (FA)

Midnight Rider (HV)

Red Wood (TFA)

Roughneck (HV)

SoHo (FA)

Tobacco Road (HV)

Virginia Tobacco (HS)

Anything there?


I heard good things about Desert Ship HS but have no experience with it.
I personally detest Coumarin Pipe, it’s too herby for me.
Highway I liked but it is a long time ago, all I remember is that it is not sweet or vanilla.
The Latakia is very potent and IMO good as an additive but not a standalone.
I do like the Soho but IMO it is more of a bakery concentrate than a tobacco. It needs quite a high percentage for FA. It is sweet though, a bit nutty with caramel/vanilla notes.
I know nothing about the rest.


I have a somewhat different issue that I could use a little help with. My sister has just committed to try vaping again and is looking for a cigarette flavored tobacco with no sweetness. So that leaves RY4 our of the mix. I honestly don’t like tobacco flavors at all, so coming up with an idea that works for her is leaving me in the dark. I know I’ll need to buy new concentrates for this, but if anyone has a cigarette like recipe, I would be very appreciative.


I haven’t tried many concentrates only shop bought tobacco eliquid and that is similar only lighter and without the smokey notes.

I’ve never had one that tastes exactly like a cigarette I don’t think that’s even possible imo

That’s what I’m thinking, the burning has a lot to do with the taste.

Maybe NET’s would get you closer :man_shrugging:


I am not a tobacco flavour guy by any stretch but I have heard (never tried) FA Soho at 10% (yes that is a 10) plus INW dirty neutral base (stay low) for the ashy part may help you out.


I have SOHO in my stash but it’s got to be out of date by now … I think I might pick up another bottle and try this idea. Thanks so much guys!

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Never been a fan of menthol made me light headed :laughing:

Initially I thought a tobacco flavour would be more helpful until i tried suicide bunny’s mother’s milk and that opened a whole new world to me.

I do have a 10ml “tobacco” flavour still but definitely prefer something else