There MAY be hope for Nude Nicotine after all!

Anyone (like myself) who had ordered from NN in the past and got miffed due to their slower than expected processing/formulating/shipping, there may be hope. Took over a year off from them, and on a whim, placed a big order and have been tracking it so far.

2-06-18 @ 06:15 Order Placed
2-06-18 @ 09:32 Received “Your order has been entered into the loading list for immediate formulation!”
2-12-18 @ 08:07 Message from UPS, Package will be delivered tomorrow (2-13-18)
2-13-18 @18:30 Package arrived !!!

If this order hits me tomorrow (2-13-18) this will show that NN HAS gotten their act together. I’m actually shocked after the last order (over a year ago) that I made, which had some “snags”. I’m starting to wonder if they have a teleporter at Nude NIC now. Last I checked, you couldn’t fly 100mg NIC, at least not that I’m aware of, so if this hits me tomorrow, that will be ONE week (including a weekend). This may not seem like a big deal, but it was a big order, cross country ??? This will impress me.


Any luck on this?


@grubby Yes, sorry, forgot to update here. Package arrived, in 7 days from ordering. VERY IMPRESSED with NN.