The state of vaping in Israel


This is another one I was asked to write up, so here it goes.

All I can say about vaping in Israel at this moment is that Israel is still the wild west of vaping.

We currently have one single vaping regulation, which is the ban on Juul 50mg nic pods. Everything else is out for grabs.

Pretty much everyone (and their grandmothers) realized they can mix half decent e-juice, stick on a paper label on it with a few hand written notes, and sell it for huge $$

On the other hand, most of the vaping gear you can get locally is completely overpriced, but you can get pretty much anything if you are willing to dish out the $$ (and we jews are known as folks who don’t like to spend big $$ so most gear is ordered from china, which drives the prices further up in local stores, and so on…)

We also have a sort of a ‘vaping community’ around a few local stores, and we have a few facebook groups where I find myself participating once in a while.

Now let’s go back to the part about regulation. As mentioned there is none, but the media woke up recently, and they started to attack vaping and vapers, for no apparent reason (if we completely ignore the local tobacco industry that is mostly government owned) and I sincerely hope that they won’t start introducing additional regulation. As long as they focus on pod systems with tons of nicotine in the juice, i’m happy :smiley:

As for the israeli vapers, we have a few typical stereotypes:

  1. The hipster vaper who has a bunch of tattoos, well groomed hair and beard, and vapes on a SX Mini G-Class and a 30mm Voltrove, and swears that there is no better setup than it anywhere in the world (untill he pulls out his Lost Vape Triad with yet another 30mm Voltrove and swears that this one is even better than the G-class)
  2. The average newbie vaper who loves his smok kit, is convinced that sun shines out of smok’s offices in shenzhen, and has to comment everywhere how his smok kit is the best in the world
  3. DiY vaper (I guess I fall into this group as well) who builds coils, makes their own e-juice and spends a lot of time in DiY forums and groups
  4. Average joe who quit smoking using a minifit (and preaches the gospel of minifit everywhere they can)
  5. Vapers who enjoy their vape and don’t bother visiting online time-wasters :smiley:

So much from the top of my head. Feel free to ask anything!


Seems you have a similar situation to the US, they really don’t like JUULs these days


I personally see Juul (and other similar regurgitated pods like myle) as the evil corp of vaping. They should be banned and shamed on social media


I’ve never used a pod and don’t like the idea of nic salts, something not quite right about them imo


I prefer nic salts to freebase nic but I mix my own, and use nic salts just like I would use freebase (3mg or 1.5mg in the mix total). All those crazy 25mg and higher nic salts juices in pods make me want to puke (literally)


That’s a good idea, do you have a tutorial of how to do that on your website?


I have a general tutorial on how to make your own e-juice

The type of nicotine you use doesn’t matter since you would mix them in the same way


Ah, I misread, we are mostly from ELR and have been mixing for years, I built a recipe calculator found here


Definitely checking that one out


So we are taking about JUUL and suddenly I get this email… :thinking:


The big brother is watching


I don’t see them as evil. They are targeted not because of youth use, believe me. They are targeted because they have a massive share of the US market and Big Tobacco doesn’t like it. I figure, even if they are not my style, they are helping people get off cigarettes and that’s OK with me.

I felt the same way for a long time, until I switched from FB and used the same MG levels for both. VERY happy I did! All that harshness and coughing I grew to despise is a distant memory anymore.


Interesting scenario. We have the opposite situation here in the states. The tobacco companies own the government. I would love to know that all falls out in regard to GDP, Guberment income or outlay, etc. etc. and of course etc. As far as how you described “vapors” sounds like simply people are people. We have vape snobs. We have adolescent idiots. We have preachers. We have, well, you get it.


Of course :slight_smile:

Israel is unique in the sense of Israeli mentality and I will give two examples.

Example 1:
The moment you get two Israelis into a room, you will automatically get 17 opinions and 56 different ideas. Each opinion of the 17 is the correct one, and all 98 ideas are crap becuase my idea is better.

Example 2:
A Jew is shipwrecked on a desert island. Ten years later, a passing ship notices his campfire and stops to rescue him. When the captain comes ashore, the castaway thanks him profusely and offers to give him a tour of the little island. He shows off the weapons he made for hunting, the fire pit where he cooks his food, the synagogue he built for praying in, the hammock where he sleeps. On their way back to the ship, however, the captain notices a second synagogue. “I don’t understand,” the captain asks; “why did you need to build two synagogues?” “Oh,” says the Jew, “this is the synagogue I never go to.”

We tend to be quite colorful people who are always right :stuck_out_tongue:


Cute. Some of your culture must be rubbing off here. I have been on committees that exhibit Example #1 pretty closely.


If you’re not sure if a person is an American, eat with them. 90% of Americans have no clue how to use eating utensils. Everything is a modified shovel.


Funny. I am rather delicate, and always raise my pinky (finger, weirdo, not the thing you thought of) when eating.