The state of Nicotine in 2018

Here in the UK we are now only able to buy nicotine shots, I usually get mine from Darkstar Vapour for £16 (around £20 shipped) for 180ml of 18mg Nicotine, it’s quite expensive.

For example, to make 100ml of 3mg e-liquid, I have to use 16.67ml, thats just over 1 and a half bottles, when you do the math you can see that I can make around 10 100ml batches, sure 1 litre seems like a lot but when you compare that to a bottle of 72mg nicotine which can produce quadruple that amount and was a similar price when available, you can see what I mean.

I have to admit though that the 10ml bottles are slightly overfilled, I can only assume they do this because these little bottles like to hold a ml or so back or maybe its just by accident.

The only place I have found that is remotely close to me is:

I’m not even sure I can get that delivered to me and wouldn’t want to take the risk.

I would be interested to know how how the rest of the world is getting their Nicotine, the amounts and costs.

Thought this belonged here


This is what I use.

If nic gets to be stupidly expensive, I would sadly just stop using it. Not stop vaping though. I don’t want to stop the nic but I will if I have to.


So your still able to purchase the higher nicotine variants in big bottles, weird thing is that company states the nicotine comes from europe


Heartland Vapes is in Tulsa, OK. And yeah I guess I could by a 55 gallon barrel if I wanted.

*Edit, sorry, I missed the nicotine source comment. I thought you meant the company itself.


Quick post before I get off to work - I have been wondering how literal the TPD actually is since the nic strength is expressed in mg/ml I wonder if nic salt powder which is mg/g would be regulated the same way. Chemnovatic sell b2b nic salt powder at 500+ mg/g and a few labs in China sell it at 300+ mg/g.


Leave it to @woftam to go all “Breaking Bad” on us… :rofl: :wink:
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Now, if there’s a source to do the same for “freebase”… grins