THC Blaze Solo RTA Review


Looking at images of the Blaze Solo RTA, I already had a pretty good idea what it was going to be like; it’s going to have smooth airflow, decent flavor and require a little care with wicking, just like the Kylin Mini V2, Arbiter 2 and Dead Rabbit RTA V3 – all of which it shares its basic deck design with.

Seeing as the aforementioned RTAs are all really good, I was in the mood to forgive any lack of originality from Mike Vapes and THC.

Product overview

The ThunderHead Creations Blaze Solo is a 24mm, single coil RTA, with top-to-side airflow and 3.5/5.5ml juice capacity.

What do you get?

  • Blaze Solo RTA (fitted with 3.5ml straight glass)
  • 5.5ml bubble glass
  • 2×3.5mm quad-core fused clapton coils
  • Ageleted cotton
  • Coil measuring tool
  • Spares

First impressions

With either the straight or bubble glass fitted, the Blaze Solo is what you’d expect a top-airflow RTA to look like. There’s nothing about the design that made me think ‘wow’ but neither was there anything that made me think ‘yuk’. It’s not over-branded, unlike some previous THC releases, which is something to be thankful for.

Now for something that I wasn’t thankful for; the threading to secure the deck was slightly rough, it didn’t feel as if I was going to cross-thread it, but it felt slightly crappy.


The actual build is about as simple as it gets, pre-cut the coil leads to 6mm (as marked on the coil measuring tool), drop the coil in, secure it, align it and you’re done.


I’m going to devote a section to wicking, because prior to receiving this RTA, I saw a few people commenting on Reddit (and elsewhere) that they are having wicking issues with the Blaze Solo RTA.

  • Cut the wicks long. You should be able to fold the wicks down and almost reach the bottom of the RTA.
  • Fluff and thin the tips of the wicks, don’t thin too close to the center of the wick, because you want to make sure the wick is in full contact with the coil.
  • Grab the end of the wick with tweezers, pick up and push the wick towards the wicking ports and allow the wick to naturally fall into the port. Don’t stuff it in there, if you’ve thinned it enough and it’s the right length, it will drop into place perfectly.

This wicking method worked perfectly for me with every build, I’ve been chain-vaping it at from 45-55w and haven’t encountered anything close to dryness.

How does it perform?

Although there are 3.5mm quad-core fused claptons in the box, I decided to go with a 3.0mm dual-core fused clapton, as this is coil that I’m very familiar with for both single and dual-coil RTAs and this would allow me to compare the performance of the RTA, rather than the coil.

  • 3.0mm dual-core fused clapton at 0.26ohm - from 45-55w the Blaze Solo is awesome. I was expecting it to remind me of the Kylin Mini V2, but it’s more like a single-coil version of the Dead Rabbit 3 RTA or the Arbiter 2. The flavor is crisp and accurate, it’s juicy and the vapor production is decent. All in all, it’s a very flavorful and satisfying vape experience.


As with most Mike Vapes designs, the honeycomb airflow is as smooth as it gets.

While it’s not the most airy RTA I’ve used, fully open it’s certainly direct lung.


The lack of innovation and crappy threading on the base was quickly forgotten about, because the Blaze Solo RTA is one of the nicest single-coil RTAs I’ve used.


The ThunderHead Creations Blaze Solo RTA was supplied by Sourcemore for the purposes of this review.