Tales of Woe

A tale of woe

So I needed 20 ml of cap cake batter for a large mix (1 lt) and i knew I only had 5ml left so i mixed it anyway and ordered a 100ml (it is hard to get in au) from a UK seller. I patiently waited the 10 days for it to hit my hot little hand.

True to form 10 days later the package arrived and much to my dismay they had forgotten the cake batter (not too worried they have a great rep so I am sure they will make it right). I went to the only seller in AU that currently has it in stock to grab a 30ml to tide me over, even though i knew it would cost me about the same as 100ml from the UK (ok well not quite but close). I grabbed that and well TBH who can stop at one flavour from an online store so I added a couple of extras and pulled the trigger.

Spidey sense was tingling so I checked the bottom drawer of the fridge because I have always ordered Cap Cake Batter in multiples when it became available. Low and behold there it was a 30ml of Cap cake batter sitting in the bottom drawer shaking its insolent ass at me laughing.

Moral of the story double check what you have before spending up .

Doh I hate that but hey I got to finish the mix so I guess there is an upside.


Oh @woftam that sounds so familiar to me.
If you think it’s bad sourcing flavourings in AU, NZ is even worse.


Yes mate I can only imagine. Chefs ship to Au for 5gbp would be the same to NZ and at almost half the cost of buying in Au. Take vape train and au company concentrates made in Au and they sell for about $2 more here from the distributor than the buy price from Chefs


Yeah I have bought from Chefs in the past, but to be honest, I try to get direct from the manufacturer as much as I can. Only thing is when customers preferences change you do end up with a lot of big bottles of stock in the fridge. :grin:


Haha I have done this twice with nicotine only to find a bottle or two hidden in the back of the freezer. Now I make sure to search the freezer very carefully.


That sucks but at least you have a nice stock pile now