Synthetic Nicotine

I picked up a bottle of each Isomerized and Racemic Syntha salt nic from NN a few weeks ago. not tried the Racemic, but Im really impressed with the Isomerized, so far. had to try to shoot it down, but I just cant. I mixed a few batches at 6mg, which my calc spat out the numbers for, and it has a nice hit in the head. Im guessing the SG (g/ml) is really different than regular Nic salts, and Im likely vaping 10mg. cant find much info yet on it.



How is the throat hit?

So far, which do you like better. OG or synth?

I hope you keep us informed. I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

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Is this stuff better for you health-wise than actual nicotine? Is it cheaper?


@Illogik I don’t think it’s any safer, and the typical side effects of natural NIC apply, and the Isomerized (100% S-isomer) is about twice the price of the Racemic (50% R-isomer / 50% S-isomer).


Throat hit I was not put off by. For me, I noticed more of a hit in the head at 6mg than I ever did with my OG PURnic smooth from NR that iI mix down from 250mg/ml 100% VG. Ill try to do a scientific test. Where is Ogre when ya need him?


well. not something in my wheelhouse, or concern, before you mentioned it! I just figure its gotta be better than the stinky things. Besides-its made in a lab. How bad can it be for ya?(Timothy Leary reference)


But I only picked up for medicinal purposes, honey!!!

I had to get one to try each… didnt look at the price diff for the second till after I added it to the one that was on sale…and looked at the total in the shopping cart. it was another “What the hell! Im doing this” moment…