Survey to support my mystery box delivery service idea

Hey Vaping Community,

I am thinking about launching a vape juice mystery box delivery service. I am primarily looking to launch this in the UK at the moment, so your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Your opinion would be really appreciated, and the survey literally takes 3 minutes to fill out!

I hope this is permitted in this forum, I’m not soliciting the sale of any product, this is simply a survey to gauge the opinion of vapers in the UK.

Thank you guys in advance and please let me know any further thoughts you might have regarding the topic in the comments! :slight_smile:


I’d like to try this poll but I’m very leary of Google docs that I don’t know. Great idea, back in my pipe and cigar days, in USA, we would circulate these mystery boxes between 5-10 guys. It was called a PIB. PASS IT FORWARD BOX. was great fun.


I used to do that on VU @Madbricky_Craig till it got back around and there was nothing but junk or missing boxes… made me so sad… :cry:

As of now… I don’t think the USA can do that… vape mail ban… PACT Act…

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