Support Kindground and his fight against cancer


Some of you may know Kindground (Phillip Scott Brown) some may not but he is quite a well-known mixer who needs our help.

If you donate $5 or more and then send your donation receipt to you will be entered into the draw for a bunch of goodies including the full range of Wonder Flavours and the full range of Flavorah we are currently working on more prizes.

Walt from RF just kicked in
6x 4oz bottles of Real Flavors (winner’s choice)
$200 gift card to (CBD)
3 free bottles of Hip Syrups (coffee / fruit Syrups)

$500 Value

Go fund me is here

Please dig deep we need to look after one of our own.


Thanks for the heads up @woftam , would love to help a fellow DIY mixer in need.

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Here is the current prize pool which is pretty epic. There are a few others @TamVapes and I (among others) are currently working on

  • Wonder Flavours - the entire line in 30ml
  • Flavorah- the entire line
  • FlavourArt NA- the entire line
  • OSDIY $25 store credit
  • 5 lifetime subscriptions 20 monthly
  • Real Flavors
    6x 4oz bottles of Real Flavors (winner’s choice)
    $200 gift card to (CBD)
    3 free bottles of Hip Syrups
  • Chefs $100 Store Credit (more tba)
  • Bull City Flavors: Kindground Recipe Packs (amount tba)
  • (2) 1 hour video mix classes Kopel
  • (2) 1 hour recipe developement sessions with ID10-T
  • (3) Discord/Voice sessions development/ lessons with Fear
  • 30 minute video class Juice Fairy
  • (2) 1 hour mix classes with @DIY_Downunder_Treasu (Pippa Starr)
  • Addy Tuney Kayfun
  • Bull City $100 gift code from DMC-David Haney
  • 5 Fused Clapton stick wires Ni80 or SS (Winner’s choice) From
  • 50$ Gift Card to BCF from @MECH_MOD_RN (Mary Leaton)
  • 50$ Gift Card to Chef’s from @MECH_MOD_RN (Mary Leaton)

I will add to this as more donations roll in.


The prize pool is growing and now includes the full molinberry line inc shipping.


I’ll be able to donate next week :+1:


Make sure you email the receipt to You can also donate directly via paypal if that is easier ( it will still get you in the draw if you mail it to Frank).

$5 usd will get you in the running.

Cheers @Grubby


Done, and emailed it that address too.

Cheers Woft :+1: