Suggestions for use

So, I was gifted CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl and CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut.
Any suggestions on how I could use these two flavours?


CDS is pretty good (although I haven’t used it in forever) 3% max will give you a decent Cinnamon note not super overpowering I prefer at around 2 -2.5 but it will depend greatly on what device you are using.

Lookup Rupert’s Jizzle Dizzle (other place) for an old school mix of a pretty reasonable Cinnamon Jam Doughnut. (last time I made it I subbed the strawberries that Rupert used with

Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.90%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 4.00%

which was a little better for me it is a pretty long sleep time (i have never homogenised it so not sure if it makes a lot of difference or not)

Chocolate Glazed Doughnut for me is best used at 0% I get a very strong playdough note from it with dry chalky chocolate. A lot of people like Wayne’s Bronuts do not count me in on that it really wasn’t to my all.


2 weeks or more the Cinnamon needs some time to settle down some


Jelly candy was a go to awhile back for a jam add but there are a ton of flavours that can be used now - it was more of a jolt to give you some ideas.


Before buying Rich Cinnamon-FLV, which I use with CDS for my custard now, I used to use Cinnamon Roll-FW with it. The cinnamon note is fairly strong, but nice, and there’s some of the Roll there, too.