Steep experiment

So I had a bit of a crazy idea.

My batch sizes are getting bigger and bigger now, I am generally doing a 2-litre mix per month of some of the more popular flavours with plans to start selling larger amounts. My thoughts turned to batch size and steep times (along with storage).

Soooooooo I was thinking of mixing in homebrew kegs and then pressurizing them with argon. I am not sure what effect it will have on steep times (if any). I am also going to try dispensing directly from the keg to the finished bottle. What are your thoughts, any snags you guys can think of? I don’t have much experience with kegs so you think an 80vg mix would be too thick to dispense from the keg?

A 5-litre growler keg was my first thought since they have quite a wide opening at the top.


I have no experience with this kind of thing at all. My batches only seem to get smaller but I would love to see this work.
Will follow the experiment :+1:


An interesting idea, Argon displaces air, VG draws moisture, will the mix mature without any air?


I think you may have some difficulty dispensing high VG through a tap into the narrow neck of a bottle.
I bought my VG and PG in 20lt drums and had a hard time getting the VG to dispense into smaller containers, for daily use, so am reverting to 5lt jerrycans.
Not having any knowledge of kegs, I can’t make any suggestions on that, and Argon is something that I have not even considered.
Personally I premix in 1lt containers, and have 2 for each flavour in rotation to allow for steeping time. Then add nic when making up the final orders.
This is just my way of doing things though, and I’m sure other folk have better ways.