Steampugs Giveaway - The BIG number 2

The Goodness of mornings to you all my fluffy little fog machines.

First…apologies for my absentness, I’ve been off dealing with some ‘stuff’…so this is really happening a lot later that I’d have wanted it to, BUT…it’s all kicking off again FINALLY.

SO…as of tomorrow (all being well) I will holding another incredible Giveaway, and it will launch LIVE on the Vaping Community Forum YouTube show this Saturday 6th Feb (I hope)

Same deal again, It will run for 1 month and be drawn live again on the show, winner takes all, except this time…I’m afraid it’s UK only…HOWEVER…if you really want to enter it, and you do not reside in the UK, then as long as you pay for your own shipping I’ll be happy to let that happen, Shipping within the UK will be free though.

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow when more details, rules, links etc will be revealed.

So, let’s get things moving again, things have been quiet lately just about everywhere, which is to be expected with the current mood of the world, but…we shall overcome :wink:

Stay safe and steamy VC’ers, and good luck.

Vaping Community Admin

:kissing_closed_eyes: :dash: :dash: