Steampugs Giveaway - The BIG number 2 - Now LIVE

Steampugs Vape Giveaway

FINALLY!..…I’ve got things moving again with another rather incredible Steampugs Vape Giveaway!!

Special thanks goes out to Dovpo & Wotofo for supplying these highly generous pieces of awesome hardware to give to ONE lucky winner.

SO!….slightly different this time around, there are still a myriad of different ways to enter, but the emphasis this time is on sharing far and wide…

And then of course once it’s shared you are open to all the other ways of getting extra bonus entries, The main one being 5 EXTRA ENTRIES for anyone who purchases ANYTHING from the Steampugs Store

So what do you get in return for your sharing prowess?…well…this little bundle of fun…

1 x Dovpo Odin DNA 250c

1 x Dovpo Odin 100

1 x Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA

1 x Wotofo Profile RTDA

1 x Wotofo nexMESH Pro Tank

Now, the last Steampugs Vape Giveaway was open globally, and although I did budget for international shipping……well……erm….

So…It’s primarily UK only, BUT…if you really want to enter, and you don’t reside in the UK, then you can, but you pay for your own shipping, Shipping within the UK will be covered by me, outside…and it’s on you, I have no problem with packaging it up and sending it out to wherever, but the shipping charge must be paid before I do…sorry (shrugs)

The Giveaway is now Live, and will run until March 6th (4 weeks), and same deal again where as the draw will happen live on The Vaping Community Forum Show on YouTube, so click that link and get subscribing.

And hit this link to take you to the Competition…

Steampugs HUGE number two Giveaway

And please….as you already know from the last one, we will RIGOUROUSLY vet any entries, so…if you claim bonus entries and you don’t do whatever it was you were supposed to do, and then you win….we will check EVERY one of your entries, any false entries will result in ALL YOUR ENTIRES being void, and the winner will be redrawn….YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!.

I think that just about covers it!

SO!….good luck everyone!, and remember….Sharing is Caring

Until next time