Steamcrave Aromarizer Plus V3 review - 100w 30mm flavor chasing


Steamcrave are a little different from other manufacturers in so many ways, and that’s what makes their products fascinating, so I was very happy but a little scared when this 30mm, 12ml behemoth arrived.

Product overview

The Aromarizer Plus V3 is a 30mm RDTA, with bottom+side airflow, juice-flow control and a 12ml juice capacity.

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What do you get?

  • Aromamizer Plus V3 RDTA
  • Spare 12ml glass tank
  • Spares
  • Sticker/vapeband

No coils/cotton isn’t a huge issue, but still I’d have preferred to have both included.

First impressions

Obviously it’s a huge 30mm tank – but then again compared to other Steamcrave tanks like the Ragnar and Titan, it’s one of their more conservative designs.

The aesthetics are very industrial, with deep knurling on the top-cap and base, the logo on the top-cap and the printed markings for the juice-flow control ring.

The build quality is really a level above most mainstream atomizers that I’ve used, everything is intricate and over-engineered, the juice-flow and airflow-control rings have nice movement and the threads are smooth.

One thing confused me though, is it an RDTA or an RTA? In my eyes, it’s an RTA.


To access the deck, you have to remove the knurled base of the tank and then pull the deck section downwards, then mount the deck on your mod.

Pre-cut the coil leads, drop them into the postless deck, tighten everything, align the coils and finally remove any hot spots. I tried a few different lead lengths, and found that 5.0-5.5mm worked really well for the coils that I was using.

While putting the coils in is a very familiar experience for anyone who has used a postless deck before, the wicking is a little different, as the juice comes in from under the deck, rather than from the side. You have to make sure that the two slots in the bottom of the deck and covered with cotton, with the cotton remaining within the deck, not poking out. It look me a couple of attempts to get it perfect, but once you work it out, it’s a very simple process. The thing is, that even if your wicking isn’t perfect, it still vapes and tastes fine – but when it’s perfect you end up getting a 100w juicy chain-vaping beast of a tank.

Once you’ve got the wicking complete, juice it up, remove the deck from the mod, put the base back into the tank and tighten up the base. There are notches so the base can only be fitted the correct way, this ensures that the airflow lines up correctly with the coils.

Before filling the 12ml tank, close the juice-flow control – you don’t want the pressure caused by that much juice causing major deck flooding or even worse having 12ml of juice coming through your airflow. Once the tank is full and the top-cap is on, open the juice-flow control and watch as 3ml of the juice bubbles into the base of the tank.

How does it perform?

  • 2 x dual-coil fused claptons 3.0mm - these coils came to 0.17 for the pair, and the leads were cut to 5.0mm. The flavor was good, as was the vapor production, but it seemed to reach its limit at about 80w. This build worked well with airflow anywhere from slightly closed down to very closed down.
  • 2 x quad coil fused claptons 3.0mm - these coils came to 0.14 for the pair and the leads were cut to 5.0mm. With this build, the Aromarizer came alive – it gives a nice cloudy vape and a lot of flavor. Start at 75w and it’s good, push it up to 100w and it’s equally good – this build worked really well with the airflow slightly closed down to fully open.

The only downside to the performance, is that it’s drinks juice at quite a fast rate – but when you have 12ml capacity, this is less of an issue.


Comparing the airflow to two other atomizers that offer independently adjustable bottom/side airflow – the Fat Rabbit and Lindwurm, the Steamcrave is just better. The Fat Rabbit is easily adjusted, but relies on two airflow-control rings, the Lindwurm has a single airflow-control ring, but it’s hard to see exactly how you’ve set it and as a result it’s slightly awkward to adjust. The Aromarizer Plus V3 combines the Fat Rabbit’s ease of use and the Lindwurm’s ingenious single ring system, without any of the drawbacks.

RDA mode

It can be converted into an RDA with a 3ml juice well. However, I’d rather take full advantage of the 12ml juice capacity in tank mode.


The Aromarizer Plus V3 is compatible with decks from the previous V1 and V2, however this will restrict you to using side airflow only.

There is also an expansion kit giving you 14ml straight glass and 18ml bubble glass options in one pack.


The Aromarizer Plus V3 has so much going for it – it’s just as capable of a restricted DL 50W vape as a 100w open DL vape, with every combination of coil/airflow/wattage giving great flavor.

Add to that the fact that it looks spectacular and is very well made means that you’re on to a winner.

The only negative points that I can think of, are that you might have to make a few attempts before you get the wicking perfect and that it’s going to look silly on any mod that doesn’t take a 30mm atomizer.


The Aromarizer Plus V3 was sent to me by Steamcrave for the purposes of this review.


Nicely written up @I_aint_Joe. I was impressed by the addition of lower airflow.


More than just having bottom airflow, I liked the way you adjust it all with one airflow ring. It’s just a simple and effective design.


Great review mate thanks.


Exactly !!!


Good review, @I_aint_Joe !

It IS a beast that way, but ohh, the flavor :slightly_smiling_face:

I looked in the usual places for the extension(glass) kit, but didn’t find it…any chance you have a link?


The plus v2 extension kits will fit the v3.
You should be able to find them on the steam crave site which also just happens to have just improved the payment options apparently. :wink:


I didn’t see any glass extension kits, BUT, I did see …


Damn you , SD, you just HAD to go and find this, didn’t you. Now I won’t be able to get it out of my mind! :face_with_peeking_eye: :grin:





Did you mean this ?


Yes, that fits the v2 and the v3.


Awesome! Thanks @SessionDrummer @Illogik

Me likey Bubbles


Andrew, This deck doesn’t come with a chimney reducer… will this one drop in and allow me to set up my plus V3 for mesh?


I’m not sure what you mean Brian? You can put the mesh deck from either the Plus v1 & v2 into the v3 without needing a chimney adapter or chamber reducer.

This is a chimney reducer, is this what you mean? This isn’t needed for the mesh deck, it’s just used to reduce the chimney inner diameter to help improve flavour. They also fit the Titan and the Ragnar.


Aah, ok thanks! I should’ve known that.